Tips to Score High in Quant Section of Competitive Exams (1)

Wise Tips to Score High in Quant Section of Competitive Exams

Most of the competitive exams consist of a quantitative aptitude section. Without a doubt, it is the most gruelling section of the exam. A majority of candidates feel cold in their feet when it comes to solving mathematical questions.  However, it’s only a phantasm that you can’t score high in the quant section. Let us tell you that every assiduous candidate is capable of cracking this section with good marks. Thus, having a good hand over this section will help you get an edge over your competitors. So, put in sturdy efforts while preparing for this section. 

If you are going to appear in upcoming bank exams, note that you need to qualify sectional cut-off. So, you can’t afford to miss the quant section. Youngsters have a blazing desire to crack the competitive exams. They work from their fingers to bone to ace competitive exam preparation. When it comes to the quant section, candidates often feel helpless. Many of them are heedless of  witty strategies to prepare for this section. To guide them, we have enumerated some fruitful tips.

Go through the following wise tips to score high in quant section of competitive exams:

  • Start with easy topics

Is it hard for you to prepare for the quants section of the exam? If yes, then start studying the easy topics first. This way you’ll develop interest in this subject. Also, don’t try to stretch your capabilities. Take your own time to gain proficiency over the quants questions. Starting with the basic and easy questions can encourage you to solve the hard questions as well. Here is a list of some easy plus scoring topics of quant:

  1. Simplification
  2. Averages
  3. Simple interest & compound interest
  4. Ratio/Proportion
  5. Profit/Loss
  6. Data interpretation
  • Leave time consuming topics for the end

There are some topics in the quant that will demand more time. Also, they don’t have enough weightage in the exam. So, it is wise to leave those topics for the end. Most of the questions in this category are tricky and require smart wit. You can learn some quick tricks to solve the questions of this category. It will aid in saving your time while solving questions. Here are some topics that fall under this category:

  • Quadratic equations
  • Probability
  • Time and work
  • Mixture and allegations
  • Number series
  • Integration & differentiation
  • Trigonometry

It is suggested to prepare this topic at the end. However, it doesn’t imply that you can skip these topics. These topics are equally important, but choose to prepare for it at the end. It will save time and effort. 

  • It is essential to cover every topic

Don’t fall trap to this fallacy that covering the easy topics is enough. To become dextrous in this section, you need to cover each and every topic. Before you move to another topic, make sure you practice the current topic effectively. In case you have a problem with any topic, continue to work on it until you are clear with everything. Go through the exam syllabus thoroughly and make sure you haven’t skipped any important topic. 

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  • Seek help from a reliable source

Some candidates are capable enough to prepare for this section on their own. Whereas, others need proper nourishment. Those who need help can seek guidance from a reliable source. Joining a coaching institute can work wonders for you. It can help you prepare for the hard topics easily. So, choose an institute that has adept teaching faculty. Thus, proper guidance can help you score high in the quant section. 

  • Practice with pen and paper

You can’t prepare for the quant section only by memorising tricks and formulas. It is important to do enough practice of different questions. Doing this will aid in improving your accuracy of solving questions. Additionally, learn some tricks to solve the questions. Learning short tricks can help you solve quant questions accurately. Also, remember that short tricks will not give accurate results every time. Continuous practice can help you determine if you can apply short tricks to it. So, make a habit of solving quants questions with pen and paper. 

  • Attempt enough mock tests

Your exam preparation is incomplete without solving mock tests. It is advisable to solve mock tests to brush up on your knowledge. Moreover, you’ll be able to scrutinize your performance to make improvements. Also, it will aid in lowering the risk of negative marking in the competitive exams. Solving at least two mock tests in a day can be helpful for you. Remember that only by practicing mock tests you’ll be able to judge the type of questions that can be asked in exams. Furthermore, it will improve your speed of attempting questions. 

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Cracking a competitive exam is undoubtedly the most tough task. Many researches reveal that candidates feel that quant is the hardest section. Adhering to some witty tips can help you ace this section. If you are incognizant to these tips, go through the aforementioned points. Scoring high in this section can help you clear competitive exams in a single go. 


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