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Why You Should Install a Commercial or Industrial Air Curtain?

If you are involved in a business, all of you want to grow your own business. For the comfort of your customers, you do whatever is necessary.

If you are really involved in work such as a restaurant, hospital, manufacturing plant, or warehouse.

And somehow, you feel this challenge.

Keeping consumers happy, saving electricity, and keeping pollution and insects outside are some of the difficulties you can face as an owner.

The smartest action you can take to alleviate these issues is to add an air curtain in your business place. Commercial Air Curtain is positioned over the door to create a strong air barrier to keep climate controlled in space and dust particles out. A properly designed and fully functional air curtain will save your company thousands of dollars by decreasing heat loss by the open doors.

We search a bit further in this article, uncovering several key benefits of Commercial Air Curtain.

  • Savings On Electricity

It takes energy to prepare the room, no matter what kind of HVAC device the building uses. Untreated air outside will raise the load and reduce the comfort of the occupant. An air curtain would retain the untreated air outside and the handled air in. This has a major influence on the total consumption of resources.

  • Controlling Humidity

For warmth, humidity plays a significant role. An air curtain can deter humid external air from entering the room, reduce the energy needed for air treatment, and increase comfort.

  • Supports a Clean Atmosphere

By blocking flying insects and other contaminants, including pollen, dust, and gases from traffic, air curtains foster a safe and hygienic atmosphere. This is because they are constructed to establish an optimal barrier by re-circulating facility air into an open doorway in a steady flow, making it more difficult to reach the air curtain for the outside air.

  • Comfort From Employees

It may be impossible for trolleys or other moving vehicles for staff engaged in load transfer and material handling to open doors. Wherever feasible, the substitution of traditional doors with industrial air curtains will provide workers with convenient entry.

  • Easier Access / Simple Design

Air curtains create an invisible shield that creates an unobtrusive shield against exterior elements without deviating from the house’s architecture. In places where doors are held unlocked for long stretches or have to open continuously during the day, or even over a doorway that keeps things open for strategic reasons, air curtains are beneficial. They are not only helpful at the entrance gate. Still, They often have been built in organizations such as the entrance to packaging areas/food storage areas or the internal gateway inside large meatworks.

  • Maintain Good Odors In And Bad Out

 The outdoor world has all sorts of smells that are unmanageable. It is likely if the building is situated in an industrial or commercial location. We will remove any unwanted odor that reaches the buildings by holding out the outside air.

  • Reduces Electricity Costs

An open door appeals to shoppers, but it also encourages unwelcome cold weather. Traditional heating systems, particularly in large properties with open doors, can be costly. In the space, hotel, or walk-in refrigerator, air curtains create an unseen door that blocks the inflow of external air and limits the outflow of indoor air, shielding the heat inside. This leads to less heating or cooling system maintenance and prevents you from incurring excessive heating bills. An air curtain will optimize the investments expended on heating by operating in combination with current heating systems and decreasing heat loss.

  • Benefits Added

❏ Air curtains provide the extra versatility of being fitted with heaters. The air curtain will remove cold air intake during the summer and fix cold temperatures on the house’s outside walls.

❏ Air curtains are an energy-efficient option to minimize the HVAC system’s energy and maximize comfort levels.

❏ The air curtain provides a direct view of the premises’ interior, so it is easy to use the arrival zone as the display window’s preview.

❏ It lowers the expense of running the installation and reduces CO2 emissions.

❏ The premises have easy entry by separating the physical barrier from the entrance for people with disabilities or clients holding a baby stroller, trolleys, umbrellas, etc.

❏ This enhances protection by allowing escape through the door in the event of a fire or other emergency.

❏ The air curtains serve as a fire-fume shield.

An air curtain can be a premium solution to your needs if you have angry and frustrated capital and resources moving out of your business door. Please contact Air Door Distributors today for more information.


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