Why you should go for the fully automatic branded washing machines

Being imperative to the Indian home-maker, washing machines have become a necessity in every household. They are especially important when you have children at home, or if you are a working professional. The whole washing process is dependent on the machine, right from eliminating tough stains to drying clothes. Buying from a well-known brand assures you, as a buyer and a user, of the highest standards of functioning and quality. Another plus-point is that branded washing machines come with up to 3 years of warranty, and that is important should you face any glitches.

In case you are on the look-out for a branded fully automatic washing machine, you will, no doubt, want the best. Something to consider are your specific requirements and needs. You also need to know what is available out there on the market. A fully automatic washing machine uses advanced technology in terms of the washing process. The machine has different programs for various washes, such as tougher stain removal, delicate wash cycles and washing that is particular to different fabrics, such as wool or silk. Among the best washing machine brands, some of these can be customized and you can even save these as your favourites. This offers convenience of having them when you need them. Think of what features you desire and then you can make an informed decision.

Wash Cycles and Efficiency

A great feature of the Samsung fully automatic washing machine is its spin cycle. The spin cycle of a washing machine functions as a moisture extraction mechanism at the end of a wash cycle. This works to reduce extra drying time when you put your clothes in the tumble drier later or hang them out to dry.  According to the fabric and the kind of clothes to be washed, the spin cycle does its job. It works on a revolutions-per-minute (RPM) basis. Robust fabrics can be dealt with spin cycles of up to 1000RPM, while delicate clothes can only go up to 300 – 500RPM in a cycle.

There’s no doubt that energy conservation will be of primary consideration when you’re buying a washing machine. You may also think about saving water. When you buy a Samsung fully automatic washing machine, especially a top-loading model, you save on these aspects in the long run.

Samsung Washing Machines

The brand Samsung has gained an impressive foothold in practically every niche of the home appliance market in India and abroad. The brand maintains quality and keeps running costs low. Samsung offers front-load and top-load fully automatic washing machines, with capacities of between 6-11kg. Unmatched cleaning potential at an affordable price range is the hallmark of its fully automatic washing machines. Going up to speeds of 1000RPM, the front-load machine is effective with a diamond drum and a ceramic heater. Top-load machines are narrower, but are great for smaller spaces, and machines come with an average spin speed of 700RPM. Samsung machines produce very little sound and vibration during wash cycles. These machines also come with filters to catch fluff and lint, or any other debris that emanate from clothes. Both types of machines boast elegant displays and come with 2 – 3 year warranty periods. Samsung is the brand that will give you the best bang for your buck.


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