Why You Should Go For Higher RAM and a Faster Processor in Laptops

You’re not to blame if you are confused about what features to look for in a new laptop. More importantly, what counts (besides other things) are the amount of RAM and the power of the processor?

Finding a great laptop is far from easy. We have all been through periods of questioning and confusion. We’ve asked for recommendations, and we get so many that we end up being more muddled up than we were when we began! Nonetheless, if you are in the process of buying a laptop and want the best model that your money can buy, consider what you want at the start. 

Several people have an “ideal” laptop in mind, and though you will find great technology out there, there is no “ideal” laptop. The laptop you may think is ideal largely depends on your budget and what your purpose in buying one is. 

Some of the best laptops under 30,000 INR come with a host of features, and may be great for average users who want to perform basic tasks. Naturally, if you want a laptop for a specific purpose such as high-end programming and gaming, you will need a laptop that costs upwards of 60,000 INR to a lakh. 

Still thinking of a budget device? No matter, most of us are, and especially if it’s your first computer, or one for a student or younger person. If you’re willing to go a notch higher than 30,000 INR, you can get one of the top laptops under 40,000 INR.

Faster processor or More RAM?

In terms of computers and laptops, and now smartphones as well, more of something is always better. RAM or random access memory is the component on your computer that lets you work faster on certain kinds of operations. RAM is a memory of great speed where any information that is required to keep your laptop functioning is stored. 

So when your computer starts to run, it is loading components of the operating system onto the RAM for easy access that is conducted by the processor or CPU, the central processing unit. 

A certain amount of RAM is used by the operating system of your laptop to keep it going. The more tabs you open, and programmes you run, more RAM is needed to facilitate the speed of operations. 

Also, if you have a great deal of applications, you need more RAM too. Many people end up using up too much RAM on laptops that only have less RAM size. When this happens, the laptop will lag, or slow down considerably. 

All laptops allow you to add RAM, especially if you buy a budget laptop. This can get your operations going again. The best laptops under 30,000 INR will come with enough RAM for basic use. 

These have a decent amount of RAM at 4GB, which some people still consider as a bit low. If you stretch your laptop budget to just under 40,000 INR, you will be able to get RAM of 8GB. 

Remember that RAM stores information that your laptop is using currently so that quick access to it is possible. Things like the browser, games, photos and documents will load to your RAM from your hard disk drive when the computer boots up. 

That’s why it’s known as random access memory – you can get all the information that was preloaded, randomly, anytime. 

Producers of Power

An integral part of any computer or laptop is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). It holds all the power by which information is processed. Companies like Intel and AMD provide these to most computer brands today. 

The processor executes any instruction, picks it up from memory, performs an operation and then stores the result in memory again. Its function is exactly how the brain works in the human body. 

The faster a processor can do all this, the more effective and efficient the computer will be. So yes, a faster processor is essential. You may get a laptop with a lot of RAM, but if your processor can only work with a limited amount of information, your speed won’t be enhanced. 

Top Laptop Components

The best configuration of any laptop should be a good quantity of RAM size and a fast processor. Any RAM of 4GB and beyond is great, and an Intel Core i5 processor which will be offered in the top laptops under 40,000 INR should give you a great balance of computer functionality. 


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