Why Is Professional Development Important In Teaching?

The quality of a teacher is only determined by professional development of the same. The level of expertise a professional teacher can carry is unbeatable. Teachers are the root of student’s cognitive development. In India, there are one crore teachers in a population of 125 crores. Out of these statistics, 87 lakh teachers are teaching in schools, and 14 lakh teachers are teaching in colleges and universities. Given the number of teachers in the nation, the research in the nation is comparatively less. There is no research on how to hire, whom to keep, or whom to promote? Therefore, this debate stays ideological and not statistics-based. Many factors describe teachers’ effectiveness and characteristics.


This article deals with the different ways to measure a teacher’s indicators of professional development. 

Teacher Experience- Gains in Teacher Effectiveness

While we have mentioned, the experience of a teacher is of no matter if she stays professional in her subject and teaching behavior. The latest education news of neaToday explains why it is important. Parents are of the view that a teacher should be experienced enough to handle their ward. They said that teacher’s experience is of utmost importance to make students worthwhile for the future. The first five years in this occupation might seem to be a learning phase for a teacher. Later everything gets into your habit. These are the years when they are learning themselves. This is not the only benefit of a teacher’s skills. It helps students to gain good attendance as well. The attendance of students and the skills of the teacher is directly proportional to each other. They know what kind of assignments should be given, as per the majority of the students. The effectiveness of a teacher is judged by the stability in teaching assignments. Most experienced teachers support the learning process rather than mugging up the whole syllabus. 

Teacher Preparation Programs and Degrees

Many research shows that the selective educational institution, a teacher has completed his/her studies is of great importance in building the character of a teacher. An educational institution is a reflection of a teacher’s personality. If you complete your education at a well-known institution, you will see the difference for yourself. It is because of the facilities and practical classes provided by such institutions. The more academic certificates you add to your list, the more it helps your resume. There has been evidence where teachers who have advanced degrees have a positive impact on teaching. It helps teachers to learn different styles of teaching. At the elementary level, teachers might not need them but in higher classes, they will need them. 

Certification For Professional Development

Teacher certification ensures that an individual is competent both in subject matter and the general practice of teaching a certain audience. Accreditation is your guarantee to get enough expertise and certificates to teach students. Therefore, accredited certificate courses are highly recommended for a teacher. If you fail to get into certified school, the chances of you sitting for a certification exam are high. 


In the USA, every state administers and offers teacher certifications. While it can prove beneficial for students who get experts in a specific subject. When we talk about teachers who have experience but completed education from the local educational institute, it is not that great. 

Teacher Coursework- Subject Area and Pedagogy

A teacher’s coursework is a compilation of both the subject area and the pedagogy. If both of these things contribute to a good educational outcome, a teacher is successful. A teacher’s pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept. The latest education articles, by the Elementary Education Degree, briefs about the ways to earn certification. If you wish to teach the elementary classes, you should be tested for a few of the subjects- Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, and History. 


When it comes to the coursework you should know different educational classes would demand different types of certificates. As you go on to teach higher classes you are more likely to get expertise in a specific subject. 

Teacher’s Test Scores

The evaluation of teacher’s tests is essential to make sure that students get to learn from them. It enables the faculty of the school to know about the content certificates of the teacher. In India, there are multiple tests like Teacher Eligibility Test (TET Entrance Exam), Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET), National Eligibility Test (NET), State Level Eligibility Test or State Eligibility Test (SLET or SET), CSIR UGC NET, PRT, TGT, PGT, TGT PGT, and B. Ed.


All of this combine the way you become a teacher. These are all the dimensions that you will have to consider. Focus on pedagogic and subject content along with credentials, experience, and test scores you get.


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