What to do when the team is not getting along

What to do when the team is not getting along?

It often happens that the people who are supposed to keep the wheels in motion and the one who makes sure they are well-oiled do not get along. When you end up in a situation like this with your dedicated development team, you have to fix it. All hope is not lost, and there are ways to bring things back on track.

You Are Not the First

If your employees are not following the guidelines, you should take comfort that it is a common scenario. There are few ways to deal with it and certain habits you should teach in the staff so when the dedicated software developers join, they are also at ease.

1- Accept the Truth

It would be best if you acknowledged the chain of events that contributed to the predicament. It helps to refer to notes from meetings and check employee appraisals or feedback/suggestion forms. You need to do some digging and introspect. Once you have done that, there needs to be a written report from a third person’s perspective. Try to be objective and do not exaggerate or downplay any of the events. It is best to keep your emotions out of it because you will be able to think clearly and accept things for what they are.

2- Relax

Everyone makes mistakes, whether they are big or small. Just because your team is not as productive as it should be will not mean that you have done something wrong. It would help if you did everything but beat yourself up over it. Your focus should be on what to do next because that is the only thing you can control. There is no need to worry about the past, and you should look forward to the future.


Once you have written the summary, you should set it aside. The truth is that people do not care how you got into a mess. They might ask you about it, but they will be more interested in your next move. You must not be looking for someone to blame but someone to support you with moving on. If the stakeholders are giving you heat over it, then come up with a plan to win them over. 

A dedicated development team can help you put things in order in situations like these and bridge the gap between the management and the employees.

3- Move Forward

Once you have taken a step back and gotten some perspective, it will be easier to lead the team out of the rut. You have to start getting more face time with the developers and excited about what lies ahead. Use team-building exercises and marketing tools to create hype. Do not give in to the negativity and resist the urge to dig up old skeletons. Give your employees the space to unleash their full potential.

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