What are the Features of Fastbase?

The field of lead generation tool is expanding at a rapid pace. Everyday new software is being introduced in this sector for business organizations; however, one of the best tools Fastbase, which was launched just a few years ago, is still considered the best in the business.

Due to its multiple features, it is all a rage among companies that want information regarding visitors of their website and more. So, before leaping forward to using it; know about some of the features in detail!


The features of Fastbase comprises:

  • Viewing business details
  • Leads acquired
  • Page view and time spend by visitors
  • Excel export
  • Email tracking
  • CRM integration

Have a look at these in detail!

  1. Viewing valuable business details

Users of this software will be able to acquire business details of visitors that include organization name, phone number, email id, etc. Such a feature helps users to gain knowledge about who are interested in their product or service and act accordingly for ensuring increment in conversion.

  1. Leads received

Hot leads are what this tool provides to all its users. This system uses several filter options to different qualified leads from the bad ones. It aids in getting the best leads that would be beneficial for users. It also helps in acquiring interactions that enables sales team to create customized approach for closing deals. Plus email alerts are provided for every new lead that arises.

  1. Page view and time spend

One of the features of this software allows users to gather details about pages viewed by visitors of a website as well as time spent on each page. This assists in knowing what potential customers are looking for and approach them accordingly.

  1. Excel export

Users can easily export received data to Excel format. The entire data sent by Fastbase can be exported efficiently without much issue. Such an option is not available in most of the lead generating software available for usage.

  1. Email tracking

It comes with tracking ability of emails. From sender to other details, everything can be tracked adequately is an essential feature of this software. Moreover, such tracking helps in getting additional details like direct contact to valuable individuals, etc.

  1. CRM integration

Lastly another quite a useful feature is the integration of downloadable data directly into a firm’s CRM system. This aid in updating data available in CRM, as well as, get rid of unwanted, incorrect, or incomplete information that doesn’t help an organization. This means if required one doesn’t need to export data to Excel; simply incorporate in the available CRM system.

From getting leads to tracking emails, and more; everything is features of this ultimate lead generating tool. It offers much more than other such tools and allows a B2B business to truly capitalize this opportunity to increase its conversion rate for ideal success.

Therefore, stop wasting valuable time and sing up for adding this software in your suite of Google Analytics. Get it today for better leads and more!

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