Wearing a Pendant Necklace

Wearing a Pendant Necklace: The Best Style Advice

We use mascara to draw attention to our eyes and to make them stand out, and we paint our nails to make our hands look more feminine. Similarly, when it comes to our clothing, a sterling silver cross necklace for women can bring out so much more than you ever imagined.

Here are some of the things a pendant necklace can help you within any situation:

  • Style with Casual Wear

Let’s talk about those denim blue jeans (ripped or not) with a basic white T-shirt for casual use. The majority of people would not think a sterling silver cross pendant would go with this outfit. However, consider this: this is precisely where it would work. Your attire will be enhanced by the simplicity of your clothes paired with the refinement of the necklace.

  • Style with Work Wear

Add a pendant necklace to your work clothing to create a genuinely unique look at the office. When your clothing starts to feel a little bland and uninteresting, a necklace, especially a pendant, can not only make you shine, but it can also help you feel re-energized about what you wear to work.

  • Style with Formal Attire

And now for the fun part…You’re going out on a date or just having drinks with your girlfriends. You want to stand out, not just because of the new clothing you bought and the high heels you can’t wait to wear, but also because you want to add a little something extra. Now is your moment to flaunt those shimmering sterling silver cross necklaces and make your night one to remember. It’s a focal point, and you’ll be the center of attention in no time.

Here are some short pointers on how to accessorize your pendant:

  1. Wearing large earrings will detract attention from the pendant necklace, making you appear ‘too busy.’
  2. Pendants look fantastic with turtlenecks and collared shirts. Give it a shot.
  3. To show off your stylish flair, layer your pendant with additional necklaces of various lengths for a more dynamic effect.
  4. To keep the focus on the pendant, pull your hair back.

You can now go out and wear your sterling silver cross necklace for women with a variety of outfits now that you have all the information you require. Also, keep in mind that it is dependent on the pendant you select. They are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and stones. Match them up or mix and match them if you’re secure in your look — it all depends on your particular style and level of confidence.


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