Ways of evading fake reviews

Ways of evading fake reviews

The lockdowns presented the best opportunity for skill development in spite of being such a menace to the world economy. But when it comes to choosing the right stream to flow with most people tend to confuse themselves. Because of the stupendous variety of options available on the internet. In order to find the right option, one must look extensively and conduct in-depth research. The internet is full of unwanted menaces, eager to confuse students in order to steal away their hard-earned money. In order to steer clear of that nonsense, a thorough investigation is essential.

When it comes to reliable information, reviews by former students are arguably the most important source. In order to trap potential candidates, institutes tend to buy tailored reviews intended to spread misinformation. This article will discuss the typical characters of a fake review in order to empower a student to evade the same. 


A review should be unequivocal, straightforward, and free of any biases. Being the most important source of information, a good review is expected to identify the goods and the bad in a direct approach. A biased review in comparison doesn’t qualify to be an important source of information. One might argue that a biased review can be honest and truthful. But the argument falls short in front of the fact that nothing in this world is perfect and must have some drawbacks. If a biased review is spotted it is recommended to steer clear of it as quickly as possible. 

Unnecessary adulation 

A student with great memories related to their former/ present institute will unfailingly praise the quality time they have spent. But adulation with an ambiguous motive is highly suspicious. In case of such a suspicion, a thorough inspection regarding the background of the reviewer is recommended before reaching a conclusion. The inspection must include a study of the reviewer’s profile on multiple websites and the activities undertaken by them.

Unnecessary rhetoric

A review introducing random characters and scenarios should be avoided directly. A rhetorical review is most likely written with more effort than an original review. And some amount of money can be involved as a motivation for that extra effort. Typically, these reviews will culminate in something favorable for the client institute in the end. And most of the time these reviews will end up confusing the candidate instead of offering any help.

Anonymous reviews 

A transparent institute will unfailingly include the contact information and identity details of the reviewer in order to guide the students even more. At the least, the reviews will contain some kind of identity details so that they can be validated. An institute failing to do so or choosing to hide the identity of its reviewers must be avoided at all costs. 

Author’s note A good example of transparency is Analytixlabs. The institute is one of the top-ranking institutes of our country and is quite famous for being bold. A quick search with Analytixlabs Gurgaon reviews reveals how the institute unfailingly provides the identity details of reviewers. Additionally, they never fail to entertain a query or complaint posted on their website. And when it comes to falsity, the institute steps forward with an exemplary degree of boldness.


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