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How To Use hair Mists – All You Need To Know

Long gone are the times when people used to either keep their hair plain or use perfume after they came out shower these days the market swamped with all types of scents including hair perfumes and hair mist. It’s been constantly said that when you smell good the aura around you is so confident that you are bound to feel good as well. And this nation couldn’t be truer. The one thing we ignore while getting read is our hair I mean our hair is perfectly styed. Makeup and outfit on point you are ready to slay the day but we tend to forget the fact that hair sweat the most and hair strands have the ability to hold into sweat for the longest time. Hence, our hair smells the most unpleased when the weather is not our favor. But the hair mist in the market is the answer to this problem. You cannot go wrong with the hair mists. Who doesn’t love a nice and fresh fragrance when you are wearing the hair mist you keep getting compliments from the people in your surrounding because your hair don’t smell musky.

There is a variety of hair mist in Pakistan guides for people to choose the right kind to hair mist for them that perfectly suit their hair and they can use it to hinder the musky unpleasant smell at bay.

There has been a time when people would use perfume in the place of hair mist for their hair since they were oblivious of the existence if something that is far less harmful for hair as hair mist. The composition of perfume is 90% of alcohol so naturally when alcohol comes in contact with your hair it damages the keratin of your hair making them dry and brittle and making your hair weak that untimely leads to hair fall.

Before we get any deeper into this realm of hair mist let have a more proficiency on what exactly a hair mist is.

Hair Mist:

Hair mist is a fragrance specially designed for the hair to smell good the concretion of alcohol in it is relatively lower than that of the perfume which ultimately makes it a ten times better choice for people to use on their hair. It is used for multi purposes. Not only does it makes your hair smell good but also controls the fizziness that make them unmanageable. It also acts as a dry shampoo on the days when you haven’t washed your hair but still want them to look good.

Proper way to wear a Hair Mist:

There are numerous methods that people have been practicing to apply hair mist some apply of directly on the scalp while some spray it in the air directly above their heads and them wait for the droplets to fall on the scalp. And neither of these methods is the right way since applying it directly on the scalp will damage the rots of your hair as the chemicals come directly in contact with the scalp. Both of these methods promote the practice of having the mist directly get n touch with your scalp that might prove arduous for your hair. The right way to apply hair mist is keeping it a few inches way from the strands of your hair and them spritzing the mist on the strands of your hair. Or better do it with your hair flipped upside down as the circulation of your blood that way will allow the scent to stay longer in your hair. Once you have sprayed the isn’t  in your hair run your figures roughly through your hair to make sure that the product isn’t clutter to only a specific strand of your hair rather it is evenly distributed and the scent molecules stay longer.

  • Raincry Noir Advanced Hair Mist:

With a sugary sweet scent this hair mist with its heavenly smell helps to uplift your mood and protect you hair by creating a layer which keeps your hair hydrated it also enriches the hair with amino acids that instigates the better health of your hair. The top notes for this fragrance are of citrus so when your spray it the instinct smell that hits you is of citrus late as the base notes are of rose and caramel it gives way to these mentioned ingredients.

  • Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Hair Mist:

This special fragrance is a perfect combination of coffee and vanilla a famine scent that not only makes you feel heavenly but it also makes your hair extremely soft. It is considered to be a must have when you are entering this realm of hair mist as the argon oil in it boost the strength of your hair the layer it produces on your hair protects your hair from pollution and UV rays.

  • Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist:

it is an intense smell that lead the parade of hair mist a perfect definition of femininity and feminine scents it is so addicting that once used it becomes a must have if you keep up with hair mists.

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