3. Don't Die in Death Valley, California

Unique Tourist Places in the USA

Friends, USA is a place where everyone wants to go once in their life, so I thought that you all have a plan to go there, through my blog, then I have here some information about Top tourist places in the USA You are given to us which will come in handy when you are planning to go to the USA. These Destinations are also the best Honeymoon places for couples in USA.

Top Tourist Places in the USA

  • 1. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway, California

The USA is a land of iconic road trips, but the Pacific Coast Highway is arguably the best. The 1000 km + route includes San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Malibu, but you have to be ready for its fare and hit the road!

  • 2. Marvel at Yosemite National Park, California

First, learn to pronounce it (Yoh-sem-i-tee), and then spend at least a few days exploring the park’s incredible natural wonders. Between granite rocks, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, huge sequoia groves, and more, you can spend a full year here and see it all.

  • 3. Don’t Die in Death Valley, California

It is one of the hottest places on the planet (don’t let you enter if you don’t bring enough water), but the broad, barren landscapes are worth the heat. Reach Pahoch to the deepest bottom in the Badwater Basin of North America.

  • 4. Napa Valley, California

Like fine wine, good weather and great views. You will find many vineyards of Nappa Valley, you will never forget it.

  • 5. Chill in Lake Tahoe, California

Traveling in summer and Lake Tahoe is a beautiful (if a bit crowded) place to relax and sunbathe. It gets cold in the winter, so you can enjoy the various routes that run around the lake.

  • 6. Eat Mexican Food in San Diego, California

Its location near the Mexican border makes San Diego one of the top places in the United States to get the best fajitas, tacos, and burritos you can ever taste (plus you can eat them on the beach ).

  • 7. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

You cannot go to California without seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most iconic sites in the USA. There is much to do in San Francisco, but seeing the morning fog from the famous Golden Gate Bridge is a moment you will never forget.

  • 8. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

SFMOMA, its many collections, and exhibits are spread over 10 floors. Whether you are an art lover or a visitor, you will find something here to capture your imagination.

  • 9. Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, California

Covering 15 blocks of pavements in dazzling LA, these famous stars are dedicated to the entertainment industry’s leading lights, including Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, and, er, the Olsen Twins.

  • 10. Sequoia National Park, California

Found in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, Sequoia National Park is famous for the huge Sequoia trees that only grow here. A tree can be a staggering 250 feet + tall here! The largest here is the General Sherman Tree, which is the largest on earth, with a length of 275 feet and a width of 102 feet.

  • 11. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the best cities in the USA, known for TV and music, and a great place to watch on the west coast. Don’t forget to go boating at Space Nidell, Pike Place Market, and Paget Sound, famous for fresh seafood. Otherwise, find a quiet coffee shop and shout there.

  • 12. Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon

Established in 1892, this amazing location includes mountains, lakes, canals, and more with over one lakh acres of forests, as well as many camps and lodgings. This is the best but the quietly awe-inspiring American jungle can scare you.

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  • 13. Fall in love with Portland, Oregon.

This is one of the few cities in the USA that does not have a large reputation, but Portland has maintained its openness throughout the process of moving forward. It is now a top place for cafes, craft breweries, and beautifully run parks.

  • 14. Taste Donuts in Oregon

There is essentially no American snack more than a donut, but you are another level of Blue Star donuts in Portland. Favorite flavors here include PB&J, Hard Apple Cider Fritter, and Valrhona Chocolate Crunch.

  • 15. Climb the Empire State Building in New York City

It is one of the most touristy things to do in the USA, certainly, but the Empire State is one of the most iconic landmarks in the country, and you won’t quickly forget the view of this city.


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