Understanding the Vegan Lifestyle

Firstly, what does going Vegan mean? Does that mean just cutting out on meat? Well, not really. This article is for all the people who need clarity on understanding a Vegan Lifestyle. Going vegan means cutting down on anything produced by animals that would include all the dairy products. This means a big no to eggs and cheese. 


It is of utmost importance to understand that Veganism is neither a type of diet nor a religion. It is only a lifestyle. Veganism embodies a practice of using alternatives for animal products for the benefit of the environment, humans and animals. In other words, The Vegan Society ensures to exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty on animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. People taking veganism to a different level avoid wearing fur, wool and leather too. There are multiple vegan alternatives for dairy products and meat. This includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, beans, etc. Today, we see a lot of restaurants like Subway or Burger King coming up with vegan dishes like vegan pizzas, veggie burgers, non-dairy ice-creams, etc. 


Lately, I visited Subway and was amazed to see the innovation on their menu. They have included various vegan dishes that indeed are good alternatives to meat and cheese. Do check them out for some incredibly delicious vegan food.


There is one question that has been repeatedly asked, i.e. What is the difference between Vegetarians and Vegans?


Vegans and vegetarians are very similar but not the same. Vegetarians are the people who do not eat any kind of meat. Their meals may include fruits, vegetables, dairy products but not any meat. Whereas, the Vegans go an extra mile and do not eat meat, any dairy product or any product that comes from animals. Their meals may include fruits, vegetables, grains, beans but not cheese, milk, honey. They also stay away from clothes that are made of materials obtained from animals like fur, wool and leather.


The reason why many people chose to become vegans and not just vegetarians is that the dairy industry is vas cruel as the meat industry. They are against any testing on animals or any kind of exploitation of animals.


It is certainly not easy to become a vegan overnight. It needs a lot of will and perseverance. One needs to understand the word “Veganism” first and then start slow. It requires a change in the lifestyle that comes gradually. Eliminating the meat and dairy products, one by one and adding in more of greens, vitamins and minerals is the key. The right way of adapting to this lifestyle would be- educate yourself first, then practice and later share it with family and friends. Veganism cannot be adapted cogently. You need to have to hear the voice that comes from within to stop any kind of exploitation of animals.


We shall talk about various tips to start a Vegan lifestyle in another article. I hope this article proves to be helpful in establishing the information you needed.


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