Wedding chairs

Types of Wedding Chairs and Types of Chair Covers You’ll Need for Them

Wedding chairs are one of the most overlooked details of the event but can truly make or break the décor. This is one of that detail that is fussed over for hours by wedding planners, brides, and event coordinators. You’ll rarely find any expert view about it in any bridal magazine, i.e., the chairs and chair covers! So, here is a little guide about the popular chairs and dress them well techniques for that big day.

Folding Chairs

These are the most commonly used chair for wedding ceremonies as they are affordable, lightweight, and easy to set up. If the chair is made of wood or resin, you can opt to decorate only the aisle-end for the event to save money, but the choice is yours at the end to spend as per your budget. You can choose Folding Chair Covers if you like. If chairs are in metal, chair covers are definitely to be used to maintain the cohesion of the décor. You can use Folding Chair Covers, Chair Bands, Chair Sashes, Oversize Roses, Tulle can be used for decoration.

Banquet Chairs

Banquet chairs are made with metal frame, a cushioned seat, and a backrest. They are the most comfortable of all on the list. Being comfortable comes can be pricey at times; however, they can need more help than others. You can opt to match your wedding’s colour scheme to the banquet chairs or opt for a chair cover separate them from the rest of the space. You can also experiment being neutral with the chair cover colour. You can choose to match with some Banquet Tablecloths as they require no ironing and take less than a minute to put onto a chair. You’ll also look for Banquet Chair Covers, Folding Chair Covers, Chair Bands, Chair Sashes, Oversize Roses, and Brooches.


Chiavari chairs are the present-day standard of wedding and event seating. If Chiavari chairs are on your mind for your wedding, you’re someone who values design. So, it is like a blend of beauty and function that can be brought to inception through creativity. Chiavari chairs come dressed up with a match of sashes and brooches to make it look more elegant. You can choose to add Luxury Chiavari Chair Back Covers, Chivari Cushion Covers, Chair Bands, Chair Sashes, Oversize Roses, Brooches, etc

Ghost Chairs

Ghost Chairs are bright Lucite chairs that are recently gaining traction at the wedding scenes. These chairs are widely popular in modern interior design, and their rarity is what attracts attention. These are opted to let space’s flow remain uninterrupted and to be the trendsetter. While these chairs are a statement in their self, there can be other ways to dress up chairs for customization of aesthetics. You can use Chair Bands, Denim Sash, Oversize Roses to decorate.


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