Types Of Tunics To Look For

When the weather turns quite warm then most women turn to clothes which are light and comfortable. And tunic tops are the ones which are widely embraced then. They are easy to wear when the weather is hot outside. Tunics are the ones which can serve as the right style to most of the body shapes.

When one looks at the western tunics designs, they can see that there are so many shapes out there and it becomes quite hard for one to decide what to pick. But there are some prominent tunic shapes which one can look for depending on the body shapes and physical characteristics they have.

  • There is a figure flattering tunic shape which has a tailored and crisp look. It has a perfect classic base of a tunic and so one can easily wear them during springs and summers. One can style them with a pair of jeans for any casual outings. The best part of this tunic shape is that, it can easily cover up the tummy that one wants to hide. But as these tunic tops have box styles, they might make one look rectangular. If one decides to wear one, they must buy those which are overly shaped and they never go easy on the silhouettes. If one wants the tunic a bit boxier in shape then they can get it to the tailor and take a little bit from both sides to make it look fitter.
  • The trapeze style tunic tops are fitted on the top and then they flare out at the hem. The major problem is that, it focusses mostly to the hips and thighs. If one is not narrow on the bottom then these shapes can be quite unflattering for them. But if one has a tummy, then the extra fabric of the tunic can hide it well. When buying, one needs to check if the tunic is too clingy or not.
  • Belted tunic is another option and it perfectly fits curvier women or those who have pear shaped bodies. Belted tunics show the waists in a better shape and one can wear them with much ease. If one has a large chest then it is better not to wear the belt too high on the chest. One has to belt it just at the middle of the tummy so that it can define the waist pretty well. If one has a straight figure and they want more waist definition then this style can also be quite flattering for them. Belt tunic also makes one look taller because the excess fabric is contained there.
  • The dress tunic is something that as per the name looks like a dress. This goes well on women who have a slim body style. The flare hem can be very figure appealing here and they complement the straighter shapes.

One can also look for the tunic kurti designs online and can create a fusion look with a pair of jeans and jeggings as it looks great.

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