Top Things to do in Melbourne on Your First Visit

Top Things to do in Melbourne on Your First Visit

In the world’s most adventure-filled country – Australia, it comes as no surprise that you can start the action as soon as you land. Melbourne, one of the significant metropolitan cities in Australia, is packed with so much adventure and you can even find so many outdoor activities in the heart of the city centre. The hardest part of planning your trip will be deciding which to do first!

Ready to feel exhilarated? Here are some of the most enjoyable outdoor adventures in and around Melbourne.

1. Trees Adventure

Just outside of Melbourne lies the impressive Dandenong Ranges, the perfect place for a spot of Trees Adventure – a series of ropes that will have you soaring through the canopy. Clamber through the treetops and crawl your way past the stunning 360 degree views of native bush lands and forests. Enjoy the wilderness while you feel the thrill of wobbling, balancing and flying from one tree to another. Trees Adventure is the perfect combination of nature, adventure and speed.

2. Penguin Parade

Just a 90-minute drive from Melbourne, spending a couple of hours on Phillip Island is a perfect addition to your Melbourne itinerary. The island offers spectacular coastal scenery with the world’s smallest penguins returning home at sunset. It is a visual treat to witness the penguins waddle up the Summerland beach to their burrows in the dunes. Not just penguins, you can see koalas at the Koala Reserve, or let time unwind at Churchill island. If you want to admire the beauty of these cute little birds, then choose the Penguins Plus viewing platform to get a close-up view.

3. Hot air balloon 

Get a bird’s eye view of Melbourne city with a hot air balloon at sunrise. It is an exhilarating adrenaline experience to float with the breeze over the Eureka Skydeck and Yarra River as the city wakes up. It is one-of-a-kind experience as you ride up with the wind with no sensation of movement. You are guaranteed to feel the magic of soaring over continuously changing landscapes. Do not miss out on this bucket list-worthy experience. It is undoubtedly a peaceful, serene and a smooth flight to see the iconic views of the city and odd kangaroos scattered here and there. Not to forget, you’ll receive a complimentary buffet breakfast and a bottle of champagne as well!

4. Werribee Open Range Zoo

Buckle up, hold tight and embark on a scenic wilderness – off-road safari at Werribee Open Range Zoo to spot rhinos, giraffes, antelopes and more grazing together across the grassy plains. You’re sure to experience the taste of African adventure at Werribee Open Range Zoo, located just 30 minutes from Melbourne. On the African River Walking Trail, watch the prowling cheetahs, playing monkeys and come face to face with amazing gorillas. 

If you want to have a thrilling experience, book into an encounter to feed giraffes, stroke a serval and take pictures of several amazing creatures on the Savannah from an open vehicle. Evening safaris are also available including dinner, Sunset Safari and entertainment.

5. Skydive Melbourne 

Embrace the excitement and soak in the sweeping views of Melbourne city as you skydive – a real heart-stopping adventure! The dedicated skydiving crew will help push you out of your comfort zone and a plane as you jump from St.Kilda from heights of 15,000 ft, experiencing an exhilarating 60 seconds of freefall. St. Kilda is Melbourne’s only beach skydive, from where you get amazing views of Melbourne skyline and glittering waters of Port Phillip Bay. The 360-degree panoramic view of the landscape is undoubtedly a treat to the eyes.

You can choose from another two incredible locations as well; Great Ocean Road and Yarra Valley. Get a different perspective of the Victorian Coastline and the sparkling wine region. If you want to relive the thrill, collect your awesome skydiving video and photo packages.

6. Rap Jumping 

Jump from a seven storey building with your heart in your mouth to seek the thrill of this freestyle rope experience. All your instincts will probably tell you not to jump but once you finally fight them and make it, you’ll be rewarded with a huge adrenaline rush that will have you gasping for breath. Running seven stories down the side of the building with an uncontrollable speed is one of the biggest thrills you could get. If you want to double the thrill of adrenaline, try night time rap jumping – the same experience but in the dark.

Remember, not just once, you’re going to repeat the same thrice for triple the rap jumping fun and get the view of Melbourne in a little different angle.

With the list of possible outdoor activities to do on your first visit, now you can probably go ahead and start planning. You’ve only got to choose which you’d like to do first, and which is within your schedule. Rest assured, each of these experiences and so many more are all going to be worth the fun.

So be sure to pack comfortable shoes and clothes when you plan your trip to Australia. These adventurous moments will inevitably be those stories that you’d never stop telling. Embark on such experiences with Pickyourtrail.


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