Top Mainstream catering menus in India

Top Mainstream catering menus in India

Catering service in India has multiple options for their clients. Mainly catering to choices, budget and obviously preference of food. The mainstream menu usually helps the clients to choose and edit from their desired options. Here are a few menu combinations available in the Indian Catering service world. 

  1. Non-Vegetarian Lunch Menu

Food is undoubtedly the most mouth-watering aspect of every Bong event. But we make sure that you have what you want for your guests. Any Bengali food menu for Lunch mainly comprises Rice, dal and few fish items. But catering service assorts the mundane recipes with wonderful desserts.

Misti Dai, Rosogolla, Payesh, Pantua etc,  you can get any two you of the best you want along with the main course. The entire plate is available at just ₹500 per person and has variations in it. Also, customers can easily customize it, by including more items of their choice or deducting a few more. 

  1. Non-Vegetarian Wedding Dinner Menu

If they desire to have a wedding party dinner, then we have an assorted dinner menu, for a budget starting at just ₹450 only. This comprises of continental starters and amazing main course and dessert. Fabulous mocktail counters or meat lovers paradise. Our menu comprises multiple options to choose from. The best of the best of biryanis, chicken chops, fish Kalia or fruit chattni. 

  1. Non-Bengali Wedding Dinner Menu

Catering Service provides the user with several menus to choose from. That not only caters to the best of dishes, but also to the affordable ones. Because we are the best caterers in Kolkata and we have experienced food makers. Our menu for the Marwari customers comprises their most preferable favourites. 

Starting from mouth-watering paneer delicacies, and marvellous desserts, our audience gets the best of the best, from among the catering service. Fried dumplings, veg pakoras or paneer pasanda, you can choose from a wide variety of starters.  

  1. Rice Ceremony Menu

With the birth of a baby, there are thousands of new responsibilities. Among them, the Annaprasan ceremony stands first among Indians. No worries, because the catering Service is there to arrange the best quality food for your child’s big day. 

We are the best caterers in Kolkata, and we are there to arrange everything. From Several fries to the most delicious Kheer. You can rely upon the deliciousness and hygiene of our food. 

  1. Birthday party Menu

No wonder, birthday parties are really very exhausting. But, we are there to reduce your pain in finding the right choice of menu or the most appropriate cuisine. Not only, this shall lie within your budget but the food has no point of getting wasted with our service. We keep the count of each and every guest and prepare ourselves for incorrect speculation too. So, no need to worry about your food. 

  1. Anniversary Party Menu

A year around the corner is a matter of joy and celebration. But managing every guest with their wants and choices is way too hectic. But we are there to roop up your decision of food and prove ourselves as the best caterers of Kolkata. We get you the best of mocktails because our professionals have an idea about every new mocktail recipe in the town. 

  1. Upanayana Menu:

Multiple follies and several rituals to be taken care of, Upanayans are really hectic. With multiple restrictions on food and menu, we create the most hygienic and trustworthy food for your guests. We have an idea about the several boundaries of ingredients that cannot be used for the ceremony. So, we take care of each and every aspect and prepare the best of it’s kind for your guests and children. 

Apart from the decision of choosing the right menu for the occasion, it is really important for the customer to have enough trust and belief in their catering service. Though we are the best caterers in Kolkata still, we make sure that our clients are entirely aware of every organizational effort. We keep a note that our clients are made known about the various sources from whom we fetch the raw materials


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