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Top 5 budget friendly anniversary celebration idea

Isn’t it such a beautiful feeling to think that one more year spent with the heartbeat of your life? It’s a God blessing that your relationship is getting strengthened day by day with each passing moment. You both are truly in love with each other that it seems you are married just a year back. Though, we keep on doing small or big things on a daily basis to bring the broadest smile on the face of our loved one. But, anniversary is one such day on which we must pour out our loving vibes to our sweetheart. It’s the day to look back and remember the beautiful day when the Universe had united the two of you.

But remembrance is not enough, celebration is a must. Well, celebrating this day doesn’t mean you have to spend a hefty amount to book a lavish vacation or a candlelight dinner at 5 Star. But there are many simple yet special and memorable methods to make most of this amazing day without straining your finances. So, here we bring some of the top budget – friendly celebration ideas:

  1. Dress your stunning best and arrange drinks at home:

 On this heart touching day, search out the wardrobe and wear a dress in which both of you would look superbly attractive. Appreciate the look of both of you and click candid pictures with joyous expressions. Then, both of you relax on your cosy couches and consume your favorite drink. Why don’t you add a sweet twist in the celebration by making drinks for each other? Sip in the drinks and do heart touching talks. Laugh, giggle and yes, don’t forget flirting with each other. It keeps the spark alive between both.

  1. Just do nothing, spend the whole day watching out old pictures, videos:

On the special occasion of an anniversary, just take a break from daily routine, whether it’s household or office work and spend time watching old pictures and videos. Pull out your wedding album which might be lying in the corner of your cupboard remained untouched from long. Don’t watch the pictures in a hasty manner. Instead watch each and every picture with attention to detail. Relive each and every moment of ceremonies from engagement to mehendi to marriage to reception. Also, look at the honeymoon pictures and give a compliment to each other of the look you guys carried out during that time.

  1. Go back to the place where you first met: 

Instead of booking a table of two at a new restaurant, why don’t you guys visit the place where you guys had first met. You will love this simple yet romantic gesture and feel the same butterflies which you had during that day. If you will also dress the same, then nothing like it. Make a collage by combining two pictures. First picture can be of the years back when you had first met and the second one can be of the current anniversary day when you both would decide to visit the same place. Do share this beautiful picture on social media and be ready to be adorned with gazillion compliments.

  1. Cut a heart shaped red velvet cake and share with each other:

If you are in hunt for ordering a sumptuous cake on your anniversary, then red velvet is the best choice. Every bite of this luscious dessert would fall into the deep layers of mind and would stay in memory for a longer period of time. The red velvet cake topped with mushy layers spell the lovely vibes between the couple. They both would definitely enjoy cutting this yummilicious cake and spellbound each other with great love. You can easily order online from a premier online cake shop. Now, the cake delivery is possible even in the cities of Jharkhand. If you want to order online cake delivery in ranchi, then be assured about it’s safe and timely delivery.

  1. Write a love letter to each other:

With the daily hustle and bustle of life, whether it’s office related or domestic, do not let us look into the eyes of our loved one and tell them how valuable they are. This anniversary, why don’t you both write a love letter for each other? Appreciate how your partner has mesmerized his/her world and their presence in your life has brought positivity. Don’t forget to seal it with the fragrance of your perfume or kiss it with your favorite lipstick if you are a wife.

So, these are some of the most beautiful anniversary celebration ideas. Hope you like them and would follow any of them which you find special and convenient. The best thing about these ideas is that they will never burden you with expenses. But the celebration would definitely dazzle up your spirits and make you both realize the importance of your sweetheart in your respective lives.

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