Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Sydney

Sydney is brimming with Instagrammable spots that will make your record the focus of attention. Apart from the beautiful places to see, Vertoe Sydney also offers Left luggage Sydney Central facilities that will help in making your journey a critical one we’ve tried to capture the full range of what Sydney has to offer from trendy coffee shops to urban architecture to the beauty of nature. So, let’s start snapping!

1.   Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a quintessential icon that links the city to the north. Known to locals as “the Bridge,” since it was open in 1932, it has been part of the landscape of the region.

Walking over it is one of the best ways to see the Bridge. Start at Circular Quay and walk towards Wharf 2, look across and you’ll see an elevator with glass. Take the lift up to Cahill Walk. When you leave the lift, take in Circular Quay and Bridge’s breathtaking views. It is a picture-perfect place worthy of Instagram.

2.   Carriageworks

Carriageworks is at the heart of the western part of the city. It is one of the major cultural venues in Sydney. Carriageworks is an old workshop for blacksmiths is now a modern cultural center with many of the original features left untouched.

The Carriageworks site was the first site to employ equal numbers of Aboriginal people. It is also the location that first thousands of new migrants. It was within these walls that the Great Strike began in 1917, which saw thousands of workers marching on NSW Parliament and shutting it down through sheer numbers of force.

3.   Bare Island

Bare Island is a perfect location for capturing Instagram poses. It is the only island in Botany Bay. It is also home to a historically significant fort constructed in 1885 to protect the area from a Russian invasion expected to take place. You can also take scuba diving lessons if you are interested, as the area is home to underwater life.

4.   North Head, Manly

North Head, Manly, offers scenic views from Circular Quay, you can enjoy scuba diving, picnicking with your friends and family capturing Instagram memories. North Head’s heat-covered clifftops show endless ocean views and a stunning harbor and skyline panorama. It’s a pleasant ferry ride from Circular Quay, situated on the northernmost edge within sight of Hornby Lighthouse on South Head. 

5.   The Alexandria Grounds

If you love Instagram and coffee, then this place is best for you. The Alexandria Grounds is the prettiest cafe in Sydney, with a very distinct taste in decoration. Remaining to the heritage of the site of organic industries that originally included tanneries, wool washing factories, and market gardens, The Grounds offers a new, fun and creative, wholesome, produced-driven menu. This the best coffee shop to show off your cool and cute poses and to drive all the attention and appreciation to your Instagram account.

6.   Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

Queen Victoria Building designed by George McRae, now affectionately known as the QVB, and completed in 1898, replacing the site’s original Sydney markets. 

The QVB fills a whole block of town bound by George, Road, York, Druitt Avenues. Glorious stained glass windows and exquisite architecture survive throughout the building’s original 19th-century staircase sits next to the roof. You will enjoy every detail of QVB including arches, pillars, balustrades that have been faithfully restored, thus maintaining the integrity of the building.

7.   Central Park

Central Park is part of a close-knit group of professionals, friends, teachers, musicians, designers, and businesspeople. Chippendale itself is a mecca for art, design, and culture. It is popular with families, students, small business owners, and fashionistas. You can click your beautiful Instagrammable picture in front of any cafe, art galleries as paved lanes with trendy art galleries, cafes, a big drawcard for locals who have flocked to the area over the past decade. Central Park sits in Chippendale, a place to explore on foot due to its location in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

8.   Sydney Opera House

Bennelong Point stands at the Opera House. Bennelong Point named after Woollarawarre Bennelong, a senior Eora man who had arrived in Australia in 1788 when British colonizers came. Every year, the Opera House celebrates Lunar New Year with sails illuminated in purple, lunar lanterns, and mandarin tours.

9.   Bondi Beach

There are plenty of reasons to love thisBeach. Great sailing, cool cafés, and bars, designer shops enough. Begin at the ocean pool of Bondi Icebergs and cross the six-kilometer clifftop path between the beaches of Tamarama and Coogee. During Sculpture by the Sea, if you are in town, you will see the route transformed with pieces of art.

10.   Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is a great destination to see native wildlife and unusual exotic animals, with spectacular views of stunning Sydney Harbour. The Nura Diya Aboriginal Discovery Tour explores the link between the animals, plants, and landscape of Australia and the Aboriginal Dreamtime. You can even sleep on the Roar and Snore tour at the Zoo at night.

Whether you’re just arriving in Sydney and waiting for your check-in slot, or you’re out for a last stroll around the area, there’s always time for a few more Instagram photos. Sydney’s most unscheduled locations await you to explore them.

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