4 Tips for Your First Wedding Photoshoot

Entering the photography industry is easy but making a good impression on your first wedding photography shoot is very important. It is natural to get excited and feel anxious about your first photography assignment. However, there are some very important points you need to consider before shooting your first wedding. So, in this article, I would share four tips that I wish someone has told me before my first wedding photography shoot. Believe me, if you follow these tips it is a guarantee that your event is going to be a huge success. 

Prepare Yourself:

Although it may seem like the most obvious advice, you have to make all the necessary arrangements before the event. Moreover, the couple who has hired you expect that you know what you are doing. Before we indulge in the process of getting prepared you to need to understand that a good photographer not only has awesome skills, they are also very convenient to work with. So, let’s get back to the topic of how you are going to prepare yourself?

Know Your Gear:

The most important thing and the primary weapon of a photographer is the camera equipment. If you do not know your gear how you are going to use it to its maximum potential. The best way to test the capabilities of your gear is to use it under different conditions. You could get the help of your friend and test your camera shutter speed, image stabilization, and every other feature in different light conditions. This would tell you the exact camera settings for different light settings which would eventually result in clear images. Moreover, you could read about camera equipment on Gadget Reviews to get the right knowledge.

Scout the Location:

The second most important thing is to scout the venue of the function. I understand you would not get the chance to visit the groom and bride’s house before the wedding day. But you could assume that they are just like any other house. Apart from that, you have to visit the ceremony location to get yourself comfortable. Moreover, you could scout for the locations which are best for the couple photoshoot.

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Make A List:

This would help you a lot if you plan the whole event on your own. You could write down what you are going to do at every location. Try to be as specific as possible and then memorize it to keep yourself ahead of everything. Moreover, you could make different lists for the groom and the bride and write all it down on a piece of paper. for example, you could make the following list:

Groom coverage list:

  • Groom friends helping him to get ready
  • Helping with the tie
  • Boys putting on the vest 
  • Slap on the ass shot
  • Big smiles and group photo of all the friends
  • Hugging and ruffing up the groom

This was just one example you could create such mini lists to remember every important point of the wedding. Try to be as much creative you could be to capture some candid pathos during the wedding.

Gain Experience Being an Assistant:

It doesn’t matter how much prepared you are to shoot your first wedding. You would always lack the confidence you need to pull off the event. Ideally, I would recommend you to become an assistant to a professional wedding photographer. Assisting a professional would teach you a lot, you would learn how to tackle unseen challenges, and eventually, you would have the confidence. Try to ask as many questions as you could from the professionals to learn from their experiences. But don’t become a brain enter who is always annoying with its stupid questions. Remember the professional photographer you are assisting today also started just like you. 


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