Things You Need To Know Before Visiting The Desert Safari Tour In Dubai

The jewel of the Middle East ‘’Dubai’’ has always impressed visitors by hosting several adventuresome activities and delightful places to visit. Whenever you plan the Arabian adventure, desert safari in Dubai is considered incomparable with any other activity. The governmental bodies and local investors bring attractive schemes to impress visitors by offering affordable deals.

Dubai desert safari tours are made for all ages, from skiing to dune bashing everything is interesting and exciting to encounter. The powder-soft dunes, exciting dune bashing session, delectable dinner, sand skiing through beveled slopes, awesome dance performances, and many other things are on the top to make desert safari the most popular tour in Dubai.

How can I book a reliable desert safari tour?

It depends upon the choice of visitors what they want to see from a pool of exciting and thrilling adventures. Although there are many desert safari attractions, but evening desert safari excels from all of them. The visitors feel closer to nature and have a glimpse of the true Bedouin lifestyle by spending a night in the camp under sky twinkling with stars.

Well, there are hundreds of companies offering the same facility. You have to do pretty extensive research to find a reliable and authentic company offering cost-effective packages. Scroll through pages, read reviews of genuine clients, and make a decision. A good company helps you to get an attentive desert safari Dubai experience with spectacular services.

Things to consider before visiting the desert safari:

If you are intended to visit the desert safari tour, a few things must be in your check-list. Check the weather and wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes. Keep glasses, hat, and sunscreen with you. Do not forget to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. And one more thing not to forget is a camera. Yes, it is necessary to take it with you to capture everything in it. View this scenic beauty from your lens.

Activities you can encounter in the desert Safari tour:

Dune bashing: it consists of a 30 to 45 minutes session. Dune bashing in the desert is worthy to experience. If you are medically fit, there should be no hesitation in enjoying this exciting activity. You feel a rush of hormones when you are enjoying dune bashing on those lofty dunes. The screaming and cheering during deadly bashing is worthy to remember for the rest of your life. Under the surveillance of tour guides, everything is perfectly controlled and safe to enjoy. Dubai desert safari tours truly lead to a fun-filled and memorable adventure for esteemed visitors who are probably visiting Dubai for the very first time.

ATV quad biking: the adventure-lovers fall in love with this activity. Even it energizes a dull and boring soul. Wandering in the desert exploring nature on a three-wheeler bike provokes a sense of excitement. The sky-reaching jumps on twisted dunes bring a mixed feeling of fear and adventure. As the desert is not even, there are bumps too. You should be careful about controlling the speed to avoid any accidents.

Desert Safari with 30-Min Quad Bike, 4x4 Dune Bashing, Camel Ride ...

Sand skiing: the desert safari Dubai is incomplete if you have not tried sand skiing. The inclined sharp edges and slopes are perfect for sand skiing. You keep on going down and down as if you are sailing through a boat. It refreshes the mind and brings enthusiasm to enjoy other electrifying activities.

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Photography session: The dreamy sunset is awfully inspiring and bewitching that strangle the visitors in its charm. You can also get Arabic dresses embellished with embroidery and pearls to take pictures. The Arabian eagles are the focal point of all the visitors especially children to have a picture. There are professional photographers to capture every blissful moment from dune bashing to camel ride, and dinner to henna painting.

Evening Desert Safari

Camel ride: the desert safari offers include fantastic camel ride to the campsite under the supervision of a travel guide. The camels are tall and elevated; you can enjoy bird eye view of the extensive desert on your way to the camp.

Kylie Gillies enjoys camel ride and desert feast in Dubai

Activities at the campsite:

The desert safari offers include many attractive, relaxing, and enjoyable activities for the visitors at the campsite. You are served with finger-licking delicious BBQ dinner with hot sausages, Arabic ghawa, and dates. The nocturnal entertainment activities include three live dance shows including Tanura dance, belly dance, and fire dance show to entertain the visitors. At the campsite, there is a separate area for tourists where they can enjoy exotic Arabic sheesha pipes. The desert safari has a special attraction for female tourists. There are henna artists to have beautiful henna painting tattoos on hands or feet.

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In short, the desert safari tour is a blast for adventure-junkies to enjoy magical and adventuresome experiences in the desert.

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