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Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Android TV Box

It’s safe to say there are countless Android TV boxes on the market. With the constant updates and continuously evolving technology, these devices have become the go-to option for using apps on and watching a ton of content on the TV. But, when you want to pick the perfect Android TV Box, that’s when it becomes super tricky. You have various options and features to think about, but it’s absolutely worth it. It offers a wider range of programs, movies, and shows at the convenience of your home. It not only gives you the chance to watch the shows of your choice but also provides the opportunity of paying for what one needs. You can watch news, shop online, browse websites, or even check the emails on Android TV box. But, there are certain things to keep in mind before buying an Android TV box. This guide will help you in choosing the right product, which is perfect for your taste and needs.

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Exploration and Crease Evidence 

The most ideal way of purchasing an Android TV box is to look and peruse the surveys of the item. Buying gadgets from a legitimate shop, as Switch-On-Shop can have a significant effect. To ensure you are consistently one stride ahead, it’s a smart thought to perceive what purchasers are saying about the said item. You can either look at the item surveys on the webpage you buy or talk with different clients on gatherings and sites where you can peruse their fair-minded suppositions. A few audits accessible on eBay and Amazon are useful in choosing what to yet or not. Attempt to think about the goal, working frameworks variants, ports, and Wi-Fi availability.


Great Resolution 

Android TV boxes are modest and reasonable, however not every one of them give high goal by means of HDMI. The more seasoned ones can just show 720p, which isn’t excellent, and you can not appreciate smooth video web based. For survey great media, a decent wireless association is required with 1080p or 4k yield by means of HDMI. On the off chance that you anticipate watching streaming, the last one is great.


Capacity and RAM 

This is another point that has incredible significance and importance. The capacity and arbitrary access memory isn’t something to relinquish. In a TV box, the 2GB RAM is great and makes it a decent choice. Assuming you need to download greater documents on your TV, then, at that point, a greater stockpiling box is required. The case should uphold a 64GB miniature SD card. Likewise, ensure that your case upholds Google Play.


Versions of Operating Systems

It is very important to know about the operating system version because:

  • Many apps are difficult to install in the outdated versions.
  • You will face difficulty installing a box that is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  • It will save you time and money.



There are a few Android encloses accessible the market, yet picking the right one is troublesome. The previously mentioned focuses are important to examine an Android TV box prior to getting it, go through your cash carefully. Additionally, don’t succumb to less expensive ones.

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