Even the best solar panels don't have a built-in water drainage mechanism

Things to Consider Before Getting Solar Panel Installation on Your Roof

We have seen a rise in the number of homes with solar panels on their roofs in the past few decades. Here in Colorado, going solar and saving money on energy bills is one thing that passes every homeowner’s mind at least once. 

However, solar panel installation on your home roof is not something you should do before careful consideration. Your house’s roof has to bear the added weight of solar panels and the supporting structures used to hold them. So there are plenty of things to look at before calling a company to install solar panels on your roof. If you are also planning on installing solar panels on your roof, read on because this article will help you better prepare for solar panel installation.

Getting necessary permits for solar panel installation in Colorado

Like any state in the US, solar panel installation in Colorado requires homeowners to get necessary permissions before installing solar panels on their roof. Local authorities issue these permits, so you don’t have to go through the lengthy processes to obtain one. However, that doesn’t mean it is not a significant factor; you should consider it before getting a solar panel installed on your roof. 

If you start solar panel installation without necessary permits, you might have to pay fines or modify your solar panel installation layout later on. Not only does it involve monetary risks, but you also risk delaying the installation process if you haven’t considered acquiring necessary permits ahead of time.

Hiring a company that can handle roof solar panel installation 

When you are hiring for solar panel installation, you need a company that knows how roofing works in addition to solar panel installation. Keep in mind that solar panels and the structures required to support the solar panels are heavy. Unless the company handling the solar panel installation process knows how roofing works, you may have improperly installed solar panels. 

Ideally, you would want to look for a company with expertise in both roof and solar panel installation such as Red Oak Exteriors. So not only will such a company take care of your roof while installing solar panels, but they will also make sure that the solar panels are installed so that the panels’ load is evenly distributed.

Your home’s location and orientation  

Solar panels need sunlight to produce maximum output and energy, which means you must consider how much sunlight your area gets. Along with that, you have to consider your home’s orientation and the direction your home faces. Luckily Colorado is one of the sunniest states, which means it gets sunlight up to 300 days of the year. 

So if you are in Colorado, you will be able to generate energy almost all year round. However, you have to make sure your home’s roof is facing the direction of the sun. Especially if your roof has slopes, your home roof’s slopes should be facing the sun to get the maximum output from your solar panel set up.

How will the water be drained from the roof after solar panel installation? 

Usually, your roof has a mechanism in place, such as gutters to remove rainwater from the roof. However, when installing solar panels, you have to consider how the solar panels affect water drainage. Even the best solar panels don’t have a built-in water drainage mechanism, and you have to make sure that the solar panels are installed in a way that doesn’t affect the drainage of water.


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