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The Mistake of Not Getting Commercial Office Cleaning Services

We all know that life is all about choices. Choices that we make in our daily lives as well as our professional lives. They become ever more important and somewhat stressful when you have a responsibility towards someone. The point is when your choice can affect the life of someone else it is most critical, and office managers and owners these days are faced with it every day. The hypothetical situation mentioned below is just one of the examples of what can go wrong if the correct decision is not taken at the right time.

Imagine you’re the manager in an office that creates various food products. As dangerous as this pandemic is, you and your staff cannot take leave. Although a private company, your jobs fall into that of the essential ones since it is related to foodstuffs. You and the staff take the necessary precautions such as wearing masks and gloves. You continue with the regular cleaning guy that had always come before.

You heard somewhere that more and more offices are hiring commercial office cleaning services. Even though foodstuffs should not have problems currently and after the pandemic yet the uncertainty of the economy and future cloud your good judgement and you forget about it. You don’t wish to let go of the current cleaner who has been working with you for some time.

 A couple of weeks later you notice that the cleaning guy hasn’t come in, you ask him, and he says he isn’t well. You start to have doubts, but you shrug it off. That is until the next day, when two more staff members call in sick. You start to panic you find out that the janitor has tested positive for Covid-19. As you contemplate where things went wrong it strikes you that you should have gone for the best commercial office cleaning service, Jan pro okc. Anyhow, you call them immediately hoping to control the damage that has been done.

They give you the 411 on the current Corona situation and how they have hospital-grade chemicals and professional tools to make the environment germ-free. You give the staff off for a couple of days and have the office thoroughly disinfected. When the staff comes back, they have more confidence in you as well as their safety knowing that their environment is being disinfected by professionals. Luckily the cleaning guy also recovered from his ordeal and you ask him to supervise the cleanings.

We gave a happy ending of sorts in the hypothetical situation above since there are already too many sad stories these days. The fact is, life and the current circumstances are not as forgiving, making sure you have taken all necessary precautions to safeguard yourself and your employees are your best bet. The step after you have understood the importance of commercial office cleaning services is what to look for to hire the best. We’ll discuss this and more

Training is Essential

If the cleaning service does not have a regular training program for their staff then that company will have problems. They could be around for ages and be successful just because of their experience or sheer dumb luck, but they will mess up more often than not. Training ensures that all of the employees are up to the mark with the latest cleaning chemicals, tools and best practices. Make sure that they have that.

Experience beats All

We mentioned that there might be some cleaning services that are doing good just because of the experience that they have. If a company has been in the cleaning business long enough you’ll know them. They usually become a household name among corporations just like Jan pro okc.

Processes and Tools

While carrying on your search for “commercial office cleaning services near me” besides the points above check if they have set processes that they follow for cleaning. Also, check the tool types they use. These may not seem important initially but a cleaning company with processes is more efficient and thorough. The tools they use show how much emphasis they place on acquiring the latest cleaning tech.


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