Lockdown Wedding Guide

The Lockdown Wedding Guide The New Rules

As lockdown measures ease, people can arrange wedding ceremonies. However, you need to adhere to particular guidelines or rules set by your government.

Ever since Covid-19 hit us, the wedding industry is close. Now that situation around the world has become better; we’re allowed to arrange wedding ceremonies. The governments lift the ban on weddings.

But There Are Some New Rules Introduced By The Governments You Will Need To Follow:

If your wedding was planned to hold, but you had to postpone, the good news is you can get married now. While you rejoice the news that weddings are now allowed, there’s an extensive list of new rules you need to follow. Therefore, before you start preparing for your wedding, it’s important to learn about the new wedding rules.

If you want to know the new rules, this lockdown wedding guide is a perfect write-up. Without writing more, let’s get started.

Post-lockdown Wedding Rules

As per the UK Government’s guidelines, weddings this summer will need to follow these rules:

  • 30 people in total

No more than 30 persons are allowed in a marriage ceremony. The government has advised that weddings only to be arranged in the “COVID-19 secure environment”. Only 30 people can be part of a wedding ceremony that can follow all social distancing rules.

The 30 people will include the groom, bride, guests, photographers, security, and the minister. People from different households must maintain a 2-meter distance even if they’re from the same family. There’s an exception to the 2-meter rule, which states that people can only maintain 1-meter distance, though they should be covering their faces with masks.

  • Wedding venues

Religious centers, including churches, mosques, and synagogues, are open to conducting marriages, but they need to adhere to very strict sanitary rules. Outside these venues, people can arrange weddings anywhere they want, but the place should be cleaned before & after the event. If you are looking to dress your venue with something like a White LED Dancefloor Hire Essex then we can help! Trez Entertainment is the leading hire company in Essex.

  • Father can walk the bride down the aisle, but

The bride can only be walked down the aisle with arms-in-arms by someone from her household. Even if the person is her father, he can’t walk down the aisle with the bride if he doesn’t live with her in the same house.

If the escort doesn’t live in the same household, then he/she can walk the bride down the aisle but must keep the 1-meter distance. And bride & escort can’t walk with arm-in-arm.

  • Social Distance Rule

Bridesmaids need to adhere to the strict 2-meter distance rule. Every other member present in the even must keep a distance of 2 meters. However, the distance can be shortened to 1 meter with faces covered with face masks.

  • Wedding vows

The wedding vows can’t be taken in loud voices. Wedding vows should be taken in a low voice to ensure that droplets don’t come out of the mouth.

  • “Giving of Rings” in a safe manner

The minister needs to adhere to the 2-meter distance rule. He can’t hold the bride’s hands or groom and can’t touch the rings as well during “Giving of Rings.” The couple needs to wash their hands after wearing rings to each other.

  • Singing or music isn’t allowed, unless

It’s strongly advised that singing should be avoided. Playing music in high volume is also not allowed because it might encourage people to sing loudly, creating chances of droplets and aerosol transmission.  If signing is unavoidable, only one person can sing. Plexiglass should be placed between the guests and the singer. Organs can be played only if they are sterilized before & after playing them. Only those instruments can be played that isn’t blown into.

  • Receptions

Receptions are banned. The couple can arrange a small celebration only if they can follow all the rules and social distancing practices. Food ins;t allowed unless it’s part of the ceremony.

  • Rituals

There are new rules for rituals as well. Ablution or washing shouldn’t be done at the place of the event. It’s strongly advised not to wash the body parts of others. If water is an unavoidable part of the rituals, then it should only be splashed. Immersion is strictly not allowed.

Other Rules

In addition to the above rules, some other rules needed to be followed as well.

  • All those signing the register need to sanitize their hands before & after signing the register.
  • Everyone must use their own pens to sign the register.
  • After the ceremony, the place must be cleaned according to the rules.
  • Single-use alternatives should be provided and should be removed by the person using it.
  • With these rules in place, people can conduct weddings now. However, they need to strictly follow the new wedding rules.
  • One would find it hard to feel any romance & fun in these types of weddings with such rules.

What If The Rules Aren’t Followed?

All the new rules are strict guidelines and must be followed. If a wedding venue breaches these rules, it’ll be considered as a criminal offense. The manager or the venue’s person-in-charge will be fined or put behind bars for up to 2 years.

Therefore, it’s strongly advised that you should follow all the rules and practice social distancing guidelines.

Final Words

Now that the lockdown is easing across the world, you can arrange your weddings you had to postpone. Though governments allow their nationals to arrange wedding events, new rules have been set by them that need to follow.

If you’re going to arrange your wedding ceremony in the coming days, learn about the new wedding rules and prepare accordingly. Following these rules is in the best interest of you as it’ll save you and your guests from transmitting the virus or getting infected by it.

Before you plan your wedding, read the above rules carefully, consult your local authority, and seek permission. Even if your country has not set any guidelines, make sure to stick to the social distancing guidelines at all costs.


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