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The different offers for yas waterworld offers and Ferrari

People often want to experience the thrill of life. They visit an exotic place filled with joy, pleasure and thrills. Most of them visit the Disney world and enjoy their exotic rides. Yet, many people want to enjoy waterworld rides. So, they can visit the waterworld and enjoy different waterworld offers. So, to find the latest information about yas waterworld offers, they can read the offers of the waterworld. A person can enjoy his moments for hours in the waterworld. Today, it is considered, world’s largest playground because they can enjoy as many adventures here.

About the yas waterworld park

They can explore different rides and attraction in this place. Some of the rides they can enjoy here are the Dawwama, Tot’s Playground, Cannon Point, etc. At Dawwama, several people are literally crowding to get inside. It is a west coaster that moves rapidly. People can enjoy their rides on Tot’s playground also. Here, they can enjoy splashing water on each other. They can enjoy different rides such as baby bouncers and tots slides. At the cannon point also, they can enjoy the riders as the zoom overhead is spraying on them with water. Apart from adventuring, the people can also eating delicious snacks such as sandwiches, burgers, BBQ wings, and salads. Many shops are built here and the people can enjoy their visit to the pearl shop also. Here, they can buy retrieve oysters, pearl drives and the pearls fashioned into custom jewelries. Also, the visitors can enjoy the mermaid adventures in the waterworld. So, it is a heavenly place that anybody can admire and hence before planning to visit this place, they should know about the yas waterworld offers.

Offers in the waterworld

They offer tickets to adults and juniors and usually offer a discount of 15%. But, they can redeem the offer at the ticket counter also. They offer them four types of options. The first option is to visit the Ferrari world only. For the second option, they offer premium ticket. Then they also offer them the third option and hence they can spend a day and visit two parks. They also offer them the fourth option and they can visit 2 days and 2 parks. 

They can also find several waterworld and Ferrari world offers in uae. The people who are adventure lovers or fun-loving travelers can enjoy their stay in this place to the fullest. It is a large garden of 86000 sq ft that can accommodate several restaurant and 20 rides. They can also find many shops; enjoy more than 40 rides, and various attractions and nearly four levels of thrills. It is the water-slide that can be enjoyed with family and friends. They can access the extensive shopping and dining centers here. 

So, if they read the classified section, then they can find several offers during different festive offers. They should sit back and they can access the park’s extensive shopping and various other options. 

So, the waterworld and Ferrari world offers are conducive and perfect for the travel lovers. 


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