Teacup Puppies So Expensive

Why Are Teacup Puppies So Expensive?

The size of Teacup puppies has been attained after years of breeding and downsizing of parents. Read about “Teacup Puppies So Expensive”


Are you shocked after knowing a teacup puppy price in contrast to his size? Are you unaware of all the efforts done to get a teacup puppy?

Luckily you have correctly scrolled. Just read out my article,“Why Are Teacup Puppies So Expensive?” and all your queries will be resolved.

The size of Teacup puppies has been attained after years of breeding and downsizing of their parents. Such pups require intense care for 3 months or more that leads to an expensive puppy.

How Much Do Teacup Puppies Cost?

Why are Teacup puppies so expensive? You should keep a bit higher budget to buy a Teacup puppy. Teacup puppies cost higher than the normal dog’s prices.

The Teacup puppies cost more than $3000. The Commercial breeders often keep different hybrid types including Yorkie Poos, Malshis, Morkies, Maltipoos, Teddy Bears, and Pomskys.

The Teacup puppy breeders sell them to Pet Stores directly or via a broker. Some of the most costly Teacup puppies are sold at much higher prices than their real worth.

Research before buying one, always buy from a reputable breeder. Ask for its source and family history before purchasing such an expensive puppy.

How Much Do Yorkie Puppies Cost?

A Yorkie puppy can costs between $1200 to $2500. You should also add an extra non-refundable deposit of $200 to $500 in case to place a “Hold” on a puppy.

To search for a purebred, the dog’s lineage must be acknowledged by a renowned breed registry. There are many breed registry organizations but the most famous and authoritarian registry is known as American Kennel Club.

The Yorkie puppies should have medical records, vaccination records, a health guarantee, and a purebred lineage. The breeder should have the health records of the puppy’s parents.

The breeder should provide the attested documentation that the parents as well as grandparents have been scientifically analyzed to assure breeding out of genetic diseases. All these assurances do not guarantee that your Yorkie will never face a disease throughout his life.

How To Avoid Scammers?

Beware of the scammers. Some scammers use cute pictures of Teacup puppies to advertise. There are some ways you can use to prevent yourself from such scammers.

The best way to buy a Teacup puppy is to meet the puppy in person. Visit the facility and ask them to see the puppy’s parents.

Ask about the medical history of the parents as well as the Teacup puppy to be bought. Ask about the weight of the puppy and his parents and what is the full grown puppy’s expected weight?

You can go through the whole analysis if you have collected enough information before buying. So, you have to scroll several times or read Teacup puppy’s related books to get all the basic knowledge.

Why Should You Never Buy A Teacup Puppy?

You should never buy a Teacup puppy if you are following a trend of keeping such micro-pups. It is unnatural for dogs to have such a small size. It may lead to a Teacup puppy with fragile bones and even organ failure.

People treat small-sized pups like the Teacups as a “toy” instead of a living creature who needs care. They also do not get enough socialization and proper exercise, necessary for their mental and physical fitness.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has also warned breeders. As some breeders undergo dishonest practices like selling the pup before 8 weeks old, breeding at the start and end of the female parent’s heat cycle resulting in a premature puppy.

It is a marketing trick to describe a customarily small breed when the puppy is unable to grow up to the standard size of the breed.

In some cases, breeders are intentionally indulging pregnant dogs and teacup puppies into dangerous treatments and selective breeding.


Concluding my article, “Why Are Teacup Puppies So Expensive?” The Teacup puppies are cute and adorable for their size. Do not be cruel to such a cute pup by considering him a “toy” or a “part of a trend”.

Only go for such a puppy if you have true feelings, liking, and affection for him. Having no pet is thousands of times better than being a cruel and heartless owner.


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