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Summer hairstyles – Show Off Your Loose Hair

This summer not everyone has to be collected hairstyles, loose hair also has a place and we love it. Okay, we have fallen in love with hairstyles to show off highlights (especially after having discovered face-framing highlights) and hairstyles to look younger are going quite strong, but what we are really interested in learning this summer is to get everything out of it.

Party to our hair straightener and show off your loose hair

It seems that the hair straightener is reserved only for experts and that when it comes to betting on a summer hairstyle we prefer to do it in an updo, since we tend to believe that it is much simpler. But nothing is further from the truth, since the hair straightener can become our best ally when it comes to getting super easy to do and super stylish summer hairstyles.

An XXL mane in a perfect straight format, wild waves or hair with mini curls are some of the proposals for super easy summer hairstyles, proposed by Touched by an angel Salon. You can do it with the hair straightener and that you will want to try this vacation. The only thing you should keep in mind before betting on some of the summer hairstyles that you can do with the hair straightener is to use a good thermal protector and never use the iron with wet or damp hair.

How the perfect straight hairstyle is made:

Its procedure is based on ironing small locks, taking care of the ends so that they do not deform the ultra-smooth style that you are looking for, although there are two variants.

  • If you comb those inwards you get a more compact hair.
  • If you iron those outwards, you will have hair with more movement.

Hair Mini Twists

Mini twists are a dual-purpose marvel for styling hair. Twisting strands of hair together creates an interesting texture, but once the twists are released, the hair takes on eye-catching appeal that can enhance loose styles and salon hairstyles. Twists can be created in two different ways. Flat twists, like French braids, twist the hair towards the scalp. They can be designed to cut through the entire scalp. Two twist strands are similar to English braids and are easier to achieve.


  • Divide your hair into four sections and clip three of the sections out of the way.
  • Split the only section that is working in two to four sections, depending on how wide you want each twist to be.
  • Divide each of two to four mini-sections in two sections fairly uniform.
  • Twist one of the two sections even on the other several times until you reach the end of the strands.
  • Set rotation with a support small horse tail. Twist the remaining portions of the first trimester of your head, then perform the same steps with each of the other three-quarters of the head until you have performed all of the turns on your head.

Tricks to make the hairstyle last longer

Those of us with fine hair always say the same thing: hairstyles don’t last ten minutes. Therefore, after having stuck with the hair straightener for a while doing one of these summer hairstyles, it is important that you know some tricks so that the hairstyle lasts a little longer.

Use a fixative: you can apply it in case you have made waves or loops.

Do the hairstyle with clean hair: before you start ironing, it is important that your hair is clean, since excess oil will give it a heavy appearance.

Get a moisturizing treatment: it is important to apply treatments that revitalize your hair and that help the hair fiber to maintain itself, since the high degrees of heat can mistreat it.

Apply thermal protector: applying a little protection for high temperatures helps not to damage the structure of the hair and, therefore, the hairstyle will look much better.

Do the ironing with patience and step by step: make sure to iron the hair very well so that the result is effective and do not pull too hard on any strand.


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