steps to dry nail polish quickly

9 steps to dry nail polish quickly

How to dry nail polish quickly, one of the things that girls are looking for, as some girls do not tend to wait when applying nail polish to dry.

so there are some natural ways to help you reduce nail polish Quickly without ruining your nails or waiting for the manicure to dry.

Quick-drying nail polish

ice cubes

Ice cubes or cold water is one of the most effective ways to dry nail polish quickly, and it is a simple step that is prepared in a short time.

This method is done by bringing a bowl of cold water and ice cubes and it is preferable to wait for 2 to 3 minutes to allow the polish to set Before dipping nails in an ice cube bowl.

baby oil

Baby oil is one of the ways that helps to dry nail polish quickly, where the oil can be put in a bowl, or inside a bottle and put a drop or two on the nails after letting it dry for a minute or two, to get the best results.

Hair Dryer

The hairdryer is one of the quick ways to dry the nail polish before the appointment, as by using the cold air that comes out of the dryer.

As once the nail polish is finished, the dryer can be moved around the nails in circular motions for 2 to 3 minutes, and it must be made sure not to Use the dryer at a strong speed or hold it near the nails.

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hair fixing spray

You can use a hairspray to dry and set nail polish, by spraying it after letting it dry for a few minutes.

cooking oil

Cooking oil is one of the oils that dry up nail polish quickly, as you can apply cooking oil by putting it in a sprayer and spraying it on the nails after applying the nail polish for a few minutes.

A thin layer of nail polish

Apply thin layers of nail polish and leave it to dry, then put a very thin layer on the nail.

then leave it, with the transition to other polish, which helps to dry the layer of polish in a few seconds.

where a second and third layer of nail polish can be applied, and after a minute Up to three minutes, the polish can be applied.

Powder and Vaseline

They are used if you want to wear shoes after painting your toenails. Just apply baby powder or Vaseline on the nails to avoid staining the polish while wearing the shoes.

olive oil

Olive oil is one of the simple tricks for drying nail polish, all you must do is soak your hands after applying nail polish in olive oil for two minutes and notice that the paint has started to dry quickly.

you can use sunflower oil or coconut oil, and you should always keep your nails permanently moisturized with Oils so that the paint does not tend to peel off.

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Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar drops inside a nail polish bottle or applied directly when applying nail polish helps to speed up the drying of the color.

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