Statewide Seed-To-Sale Marijuana pursuit System returning To Oklahoma Early This Year

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority expects to own a wide seed-to-sale pursuit system unrolled early this year.

OMMA declared a contract with national company Metrc in September. Interim Director Dr. Kelly Williams told lawmakers in a very Gregorian calendar month hearing having the system in situ can facilitate defend patients and dispensaries from marijuana that doesn’t meet quality or safety standards.

“If processor A needed to buy material from granger A, they will truly get within the system and appearance at the check results thereon batch. Those check results ought to be entered by that laboratory, and so you’ve got a label that’s distinctive to it specific wholesale package that’s being transferred,” Williams same.

Oklahoma growers tax square measure still involved marijuana that’s a part of the state’s medical-marijuana program is being pleased for recreational use, that remains misappropriated. Williams same the system can facilitate curb that.

“Seed-to-sale goes to assist US establish illicit product as a result of each plant and each product that’s being transferred can ought to be labeled and within the system that’s overseen by the state. There are algorithms in this program which will facilitate US to spot patterns that may indicate diversion and can send word US mechanically,” Williams same.

Florida-based Metrc has pursuit systems in fourteen different states and Washington, D.C. Implementation in Oklahoma was expected to require up to 6 months.

There are complaints in a number of those different states regarding system outages and slowdowns, additionally as criticism the system is difficult to find out.

All business licensees within the state are going to be needed to use the pursuit system. As of early Gregorian calendar month, there have been over nine,500 commissioned marijuana businesses within the state, regarding simple fraction of them growers.


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