Sri Lanka's 11 Best Spots

Sri Lanka’s 11 Best Spots

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s finest islands and has a history, defined by Marco Polo, which goes back thousands of years. Although it is small, in this country there is plenty of history, nature, and beauty to see. Explore our list of the most desirable places in Sri Lanka in beaches, jungle, tea plantations, temples, and much more.


Sigiriya is also known as a rock fortification and palace in the district of Matale, also known as Lion’s rock. Visitors will ascend to the old ruins surrounded by gardens, swimming pools, and splendid frescoes. One of the best ancient sites in the region, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go to the Sigiriya Top to see the magnificent view of the rolling hills of the downstream jungle.

Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak is a high, point-shaped mountain situated in central Sri Lanka at a diverse biological site. The 2,243-meter ascent is a popular pilgrimage route of the Buddhist faith, as the Buddha’s footprint near the summit is said to be impressive. You are looking for an unforeseen sunrise at the top of the mountain at dawn.


To have a relaxing break in town, visit the well preserved Galle colonial area. There are quaint villas from the Netherlands and lovely sea views over the city. Visit Galle Fort, a Netherlands-built fort now a world heritage site and Europe’s largest remaining seasides’ fort in Asia. The natural harbor, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and Galle International Stadium are other good stops, often considered to be the most picturesque cricket ground.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is the place to watch big cats. The park houses the world’s largest concentration of leopards and is an important reserve for the elephants and water birds of Sri Lanka too. The grassy plains and forest areas of the park are covered by monkeys, crocodiles, and other critics. The park is on the island’s southeastern coast.


View fine examples in Polonnaruwa of ancient cinnamon architecture and art. The town is surrounded by many well-preserved ruins of graves, temples, and statues. Polonnaruwa was an island’s capital and a busy commercial and religious hub hundreds of years ago. Don’t miss this World Heritage site’s historical treasures.


There are wonderful beaches, luxurious hotels, and unspoiled beauty in this coast side town. Enjoy the sunbathing at Bentota Beach, visit the nearby Turtle Kosgoda, or unwind at Galapatha Raja Maha Vihara Buddhist Temple. You can also enjoy activities like helicopter rides and water sports in Bentota, a hotspot for tourists.


It is on a plateau surrounded by central mountains. This big city is located. Kandy is the World Heritage Site and is where you can taste the cinnamonic culture, particularly if in summer you can visit it during the festival. Check out The Temple of the tooth, a very holy relic — Buddha’s tooth — founded in the 4th century.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya, also known for the ancient British colonial buildings as The Cottage of the Queen and The General’s Residence, is another plateau town surrounded by mountains. The area is full of natural wonders such as cascades, rivers, tea plantations, and the tallest peak in Sri Lanka, the tallest Pidurutalagala. Nuwara Eliya is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular tea plantation areas, but it is considered to be the main place in the country for tea production. Don’t forget to try a cup during the visit.

Arugam Bay

The Arugam Bay lies on Sri Lanka’s south-east coast, drawing surfers from all over the world. The beach is a great location for a relaxing day or surfer breaks – Main Point, located to the south of the bay, is the ideal spot for surfing. You can visit the town’s ancient temples or nearby Kumana National Park when you need a break out of sun and sea air.


This large townhouse the biggest and best-preserved temple complex of caves in Sri Lanka, with a set of five cave temples including statues, shrines, and murals, containing Sri Lankan Buddhist work. The paintings and statues tell stories from Buddha’s life — the complex has a huge 153 Buddha statues. Sri Lankan kings, gods, and goddesses are also the subjects of the statue. The walls are astonishingly built cover a total area of 2,100 m2.


Lie down in this little beach-side village in a hammock under the sun, or float in the clear turquoise waters. Wonderful secret beaches and a prosperous nightlife scene make Mirissa a tourist destination, but the region still lies very down to the ground because tourism hasn’t started until the mid-1980s. Mirissa is also popular worldwide for its splendid whale and dolphin watching areas.

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