Smart Energy Saving Tips to Follow All Year Round

India is all set to become the third largest consumer of energy in the world by the end of 2020 and double its energy demand in another 10 years. (1)It is important to employ energy saving methods for the efficient utilization of this precious resource. Rapid urbanization has led to an increased demand for high-end electrical appliances across Indian households which along with commercial buildings, industrial and civic are together responsible for a major chunk of electricity consumption.

Here are a few energy saving tips that everyone should keep in mind so that we can cope up with the rising demand:

1.Use energy efficient home appliances

Replace your decade old window AC with a BEE 5 star rated, inverter air conditioner from the best AC brands. It might initially cost you more, but over the year your savings will multiply. This is because an inverter AC adapts itself in line with the heat load, working harder when it is hot outside and taking it easy when it is cooler. Low consumption LED lighting and energy efficient variants of electrical equipment can reduce your electricity costs significantly.

2.Take care of your fridge

Keep your refrigerator away from direct sunlight and allow proper flow of air around it. Not only this, do not open it every now and then, as it may only allow the cool air to escape making your fridge work harder. Also allow hot and warm foods to cool properly before you store them in a closed container.

3.Regular cleaning of electrical equipment

Even if you have bought an air conditioner, you need to clean the filters every month for proper functioning or else schedule regular maintenance. Dirty filters can reduce airflow and even cause damage to the AC. Defrost your fridge if you have a manual defrosting model, clean the rubber door seals and even the coils to allow for better air circulation. The same goes for your microwave ovens, computers, tube lights, lamps, laptops and televisions.

4. Turn off electricity when not required

While you may want to keep your refrigerator running to avoid spoiling the food. Switch off the lights when you leave home , or even move from one room to another. Put your computer, laptop or printer on sleep mode when not using it. It helps cut electricity costs by as much as 40%. You can also use specific lighting such as using a reading lap to read a book rather switching on a tube light.

5.Get close to nature

Plant trees and shrubs to shield you from the harsh sun. Shading the walls and windows of your home can help you reduce the energy spent in air conditioning by up to 40%.

6.  Use the AC judiciously

Setting your air conditioner temperature low can shoot up your electricity bill as well as the load on your unit. Instead you can use a ceiling fan to enable air circulation. Which can also decrease the workload on the AC while making sure it is set to a comfortable temperature. Make sure the doors and windows of the room are closed for better cooling.


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