Best Reasons Why You Should Encourage a Sexologist

Best Reasons Why You Should Encourage a Sexologist

Seeking help for your sexual problems should never guilt-trip you or bring you shame. Instead, taking help in such situations is an act of bravery as it shows how adamant you are in helping your relationship. You will be surprised at the possibility of how common your problem is, and most people face the same problems more or less in their lives. This is why sexologists are there to help you through your problems. A sexologist is a certified doctor who will give you therapy to understand the science behind intimate relationships and problems.

While it may seem odd to consult about, a renowned sexologist in Islamabad shares his advice out of his experience as to why going to a sexologist can be very healthy for you and your partner.

  1. There is almost no sexual drive from your or your partner’s end.

This can be due to many reasons and has nothing to do with you or your partner not wanting to spend quality time with you. Instead of keeping judgments or feeling any resentment, specialists think it is always good to ask an expert about this. Mainly because, at times, it has to do with the chemical imbalance that is causing this pull effect. This can sort out in time after a few lifestyles, and dietary habits are changed in your routine. It is also important to talk openly about your condition with your partner and what might be hindering in between.

  1. Your body does not cooperate.

This is again something that requires the immediate attention of a doctor. For example, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or painful intercourse are signs that immediate medical attention is required. Also, a good therapy session is sometimes required as it has less to do with the biological issues and more to do with psychological issues. If you face any of these hindrances, the best thing to do is immediately seek sexual therapy right away. Also, read How to make marbled paper at home.

  1. You are confused about your sexual identity.

This can develop over time. You will start seeking questions about what is the correct scale for your sexual identity. For most of us, our identities are lied to from an early age, which is majorly due to cultural norms. If trouble arises in understanding what you like or want to be associated with sexually, a doctor will be your best shot at it. Please know that this can happen at any age, gender and regardless of the nature of your sexual relationship with your partner. You need to consult with a sexologist right away if you feel trapped in your body as a specific gender and might feel troubled about it.

  1. Addiction

If you feel addicted to the act and are continuously tormented by the thought, we’ll pause there and seek immediate help. One such case identifies in Maroof International Hospital, Islamabad, where excessive desire led to short episodes of mania. While thinking about it is expected, multiple case studies show excessive desire can take one to bipolar mania and may inhibit some underlying issues in your daily life. The only way to understand the true nature of your desire is to visit a sexologist.

  1. Orgasms Problem

This is a problem more common in women as it is due to bad hormonal imbalance. If you feel there has been a change in your orgasms, then it can mean that there may be an underlying issue. This can also occur if there is a rise in stress and other problems in your daily life. Before it harms your relationship with your partner, it is essential to consult with a sexologist right away.

  1. Abnormal Desires

Many people enjoy different tunes of intimacy. That is entirely normal and is also considered healthy for your relationship. However, if you sense certain extreme abnormal acts exhibited by your partner or yourself, such as BDSM, it is crucial to communicate with your therapist first openly. To ensure there is a common ground of understanding, it is advised to make a certified doctor a part of your conversation.


Never hesitate to talk about your sexual problems, especially if you come from a culture where it is considered a big taboo. You do not have to disclose your visit to anyone, and indeed, you do not have to associate any act with self-loathing or as a sign of weakness. Before anything in your relationship takes a downturn, make sure you consult with a sexologist to help you deal with them.

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