fly ash block making machine

Semi-Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine|Fly Ash Block Making Machine

TARA Mechram X 1600 – Fly Ash Block Making Machine -:

Mechram X 1600 a semi automatic fly ash brick making machine that comes with a capacity of producing fifteen hundred plus bricks in an hour. This blog will give you an indepth idea about the machinery capabilities of our Mechram X 1600.

What’s Type Of Machine Is Mechram X 1600?

It’s a automatic machine, that needs minimal manual efforts of yours to operate. It’s a click – click and go, as you can see in the product video how easy it is to operate the Mechram machine,
The bricks transfer is also automatic that has automatic transfer on the Pallets that Slide on Roller Conveyor. The recommended number of people needed to handle this whole machine properly is 10, however it also depends on the skill level of the person handling the whole machine/system/process.

What is the electric power rating of the flyash bricks making machine?

The machine is 32.5HP, 440V & 3 phase machine that comes with neutral power supply. The machine has 2 pan mixer of 10 Horse Power each, one conveyor belt of 3HP and Hydraulic Power- Pack Driven by 7.5HP. All these electric power ratings make it highly efficient for usage. Moreover the 2 pan mixer has a capacity of 500Kg each capacity.

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