Saga Of Body-Positive Swimwear

Saga Of Body-Positive Swimwear: Your Guide To Feel Confident

Let’s accept it – every body is a bikini body! Be it slim, plus-size, or toned, all women are meant to don a sexy bikini without caring much about their body image. This is exactly what Ashley Graham, the supermodel and television presenter, has been beating the drum for a long time. Recently in summer, she shared the ‘beautiful bodies’ of women on her Instagram handle, with a powerful message stating, “It’s hot out there, and so are you.” She believes that women should embrace their bodies not only in warmer months but always.

Thanks to Graham’s consistent efforts to address body image issues, today, the trend of body positivity swimwear has been a mainstay of the buzz. With the rise in confidence, super consciousness, and of course the ‘Activist’ ultra-modern feminists consumers, the swimwear houses passionately offer Avant-garde lingerie and swimsuits in 2021. After all, fashion and confidence go hand in hand!

We can openly say that activist women have successfully broken the taboo associated with their bodies! But have you, too? If not completely, let’s understand how a swimsuit is the ultimate signifier of body positivity. Also, know the tips to regain your confidence wearing body-positive swimwear in full swing. 

What Is Body Positivity?

Body positivity is a movement to develop self-love and self-esteem among women. Though it has been in existence since the ’60s, the spike of social media in the ’90s made ‘body positivity’ a hyped trend. Today, several Hollywood celebrities, models, and social media influencers participate in the movement to bring a positive change and empower feminine power.

How Are Swimwear An Ultimate Signifier Of Body Positivity?

If you ask how wearing a bikini or swimwear is a gold standard for demonstrating a body-positive image, you can hopefully get to the point here! 

Believe it or not but wearing a bikini equals embracing your body. Since childhood, we learn that the beauty of a woman is defined by the way she looks. Nevertheless, as this is nothing but a stereotype in today’s modern society, women eventually look for ways to eliminate it. This is where the ‘body positive swimwear’ comes in. Being the most revealing ensemble, it helps you expose your skin with all its flaws. And when you make it happen by your choice, you regain the ultimate sense of self-validation, acceptance, and confidence. 

How To Ditch Body Image Issues And Wear Swimwear Confidently? 

Now it’s no wonder why the bikini holds the superpower in the world of positive activism. Today, regardless of their age, bodies, and heights, modern women choose size-inclusive swimwear in Canada to flaunt a bold and confident side of themselves while having a gala time at the beach or in the pool. 

However, if you are someone who does not know how to find the ideal swimwear for yourself and ditch your body image issues wearing the ‘ONE’, here’s what you should know –

  • Shop The Swimwear That Makes You Feel Good

Opting for the right swimwear in line with your body type is the first and foremost way to make all the difference. So do consider all the options when purchasing, and think whether you feel more comfortable in string bikinis, one-piece bathing suits for women, or sporty swimwear. Also, don’t hesitate to go for hot trending bikinis with cutouts if you are ready to show off your inner stunner.

Remember – It’s all about your personal choice and preference!

  • Find Your Inspiration

If you think that a little push of motivation can build confidence in you to flaunt your flaws in a bikini, it’s high time to find your inspiration in the form of celebrities. From Ashley Graham to Selena Gomez, you can find divas showing their unfiltered body type in bikinis on Instagram. What’s more? 

There are various bloggers and Instagram influencers who address their body image issues and share how to ditch them. 

Following them daily not only inspires you to accept your natural body but also provides you with essential tips and tricks to pull off the body-positive swimwear appropriately. 

  • Practice Wearing The Bikini In House

It may seem weird, but it is the best way to feel comfortable in a revealing bikini or swimsuit, especially if you are wearing it for the first time. Just put on your bikini, hang in there in the house, click some pictures, and show off to your close friends. This way, you can also ensure if the chosen swimwear or bikini fits like a glove to your body or not. 

5 Body Positivity Mantras to Remember When Wearing A Swimsuit

No doubt, finding swimwear of the right size and style is what you need to cut a dash at the beach or pool. But what matters most in your journey of accepting yourself is filling your mind with positive thoughts. 

Below-listed are 5 body positivity mantras that you should chant before putting on a swimwear –

  • I am perfect the way I am 
  • I love my body, and I own it
  • My body is beautiful, and it deserves respect
  • People gonna judge, but I won’t get affected
  • I already have a bikini body, and I am ready to flaunt it

Future Of Body Positivity Swimwear

Sure, bikinis or swimwear hold the keys to our body image liberation. With a lot of celebrities and influencers jumping on the bandwagon and promoting the movement of body positivity on Instagram, the top swimwear brands are now enthusiastic about bringing forward newfangled trends. They desire to create real and raw body-positive swimwear styles to help women strengthen their relationship with their bodies and water. All they want is to make it clear that beauty isn’t limited to shape; instead, there are no certain rules to define beauty.

In simple words, swimwear will continue to be the leading standard of body positivity. In the coming years, you may find myriads of new styles and designs in swimwear to feel beautiful about yourself. Fascinated much? If yes, wait no more and get yourself like never before!

That’s it, ladies, if you got it, flaunt it!

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