Residential Assessment Centers Transforming the Lives of Vulnerable Children

Children are more exposed to vulnerabilities than adults because their exploitation is easier. Not only outside but sometimes they are not safe even within their homes. For such kinds of children, residential assessment centers are working as a supportive mechanism for families. These are social care settings where children and families who need special care are rehabilitated between 8-16 weeks with an aim to protect from negligence and abuse. Both unfavorable circumstances and intentional negligence are responsible for the mistreatment of children. A residential family assessment center generally consider the families for help where parents are:-

  • Facing mental health disorder 

Children are more vulnerable at homes where parents are facing mental health disorders. Especially, personality disorders are one of the biggest reasons why children need to shift from their residence. During the residential assessment period, local authorities provide mental health support to the parents for overcoming the situation. 

  • Teenage mothers

Teens that become mothers at a very young age need extensive support to raise their children. Sometimes, they don’t get family support and feel abandoned. In this situation, social service child assessment centers assist both children and their mothers. Along with taking care of kids, they teach parents about sustainable parenting skills. 

  • Parents facing learning difficulty

Not only mental health issues but some parents also face learning difficulty. These learning difficulties are so complex that they feel hard even to complete the basic tasks. Both conventional and modern techniques are used to help parents in overcoming the learning issues. Currently, IT aids like smartphone apps and gadgets are playing a crucial role in helping parents who need support in learning. 

  • Domestic violence

Domestic abuse is one of the biggest factors that affect the child mentally as well as physically. What children see in their daily life imply a deep impact on their future. The family assessment service providers critically check these issues and provide a friendly environment for kids to thrive.

  • Substance abuse

Substance abuse is not only limited to the parents but also includes children. In an environment where children see their parents living on drugs, the probability of their indulgence in the same activities will be higher. For situations like substance abuse, local authorities and charitable trusts also organized rehabilitation programs. This involves the treatment of both parents and children after diagnosing dear health conditions. 

How does residential assessment program work

As mentioned above, it is a monthly program in which adequate support to children as well as parents is provided. This program is further divided into three different parts as we are mentioning below:-

  1. Observation

In the first phase of observation, minimal intervention is implemented to understand the strengths and weaknesses of parents. It takes around 1 to 2 week for understanding the key factors

2. Support

After critically examining the strengths and weaknesses, the next step is implementing some robust strategies. This involves teaching tools development, group activities, community activities and much more. This is the longest phase that ranges between 3-10 weeks. 

3. Analysis

In the next 2 weeks, observation on the basis of strategies is evaluated. The family assessment center makes sure that their efforts are showing results in the lives of both parents and children. 

During this entire assessment program, professionals visit the residence to help the family with regular tasks. In a good family assessment center, the following services are provided:- 

  • Separate kitchen for every family.
  • Engaging activities and toys for children to keep them cooperative during the program. 
  • Individual support by the experts. 

It is not a one-sided effort. Parents also have to contribute equally if they actually want support to realign the family. The assessment program will be stopped if they notice that parents are not paying adequate attention to their children.

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