Reasons why UV Tanning is better than Spray Tanning

Fashion and beauty trends keep evolving with time and age. But, one beauty trend that is still fresh and in-demand is tanned skin. Traditionally, people would spend endless hours lying under the direct sunlight to get tan’s desired level. But even prolonged exposure to sun rays doesn’t guarantee the desired skin tone. Moreover, excessive sun rays can damage skin cells and lead to skin allergy and cancer.

Luckily, various tanning techniques are effective as well as skin friendly. Spray tanning and UV tanning are some of the modern ways to get that natural-looking golden glow while avoiding the harmful effects of direct sun exposure. Given the popularity of artificial tanning, the search for Versa Spa tanning near me has gone up in recent times.

Both spray tanning and UV tanning offer natural-looking tan. Since UV tanning and spray tanning work differently, one may find it a daunting task to choose amongst them. In this blog, we have discussed why UV tanning is better over spray tanning to help you make an informed choice.

What is UV Tanning?

Tanning is not just about getting that darker skin tone. Tanning sessions also offer a rejuvenating experience to people. UV tanning beds or booths are designed to maximize relaxation and give all the comfort while you get tanned. Some UV tanning beds also offer facial tanning services for complete coverage. Apart from facial tanning facilities, some best tanning salons near me have cooling misted water, mp3 connection, and other such comforts. On the other hand, spray tanning booths don’t offer such fancy add-ons.

Reasons why UV tanning is better over spray tanning

UV tanning offers longer-lasting results. If you plan a vacation or prepare for any event, UV tanning is the best way to enhance your look. UV tan can last around 7 to 10 days and thus; ideal for people who have less time to revisit the salon for a tan fix.

UV tan doesn’t require preparation: The best thing about UV tan is that it doesn’t require one to make any preparations before the session. All one needs to do is apply tanning lotion and get inside the tanning booth.

UV Tan offers natural tan: The UV tanning booths have light lamps fitted on them that emit harmless UVB rays. When our skin comes in contact with UVB rays, it activates melanin production in the skin cells. Taking a UV tanning session has the same effect on the skin as sun tanning. The only difference is that UV rays from tanning beds don’t cause harm to the skin cells. Since UV tanning and sun tanning are technically alike, the former offers natural tan and even coverage as a suntan. If you want a natural golden glow without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays, UV tanning booths are the perfect solution for you.

UV tanning offers more control: UV tanning gradually builds the tan on the skin. One has to go through repeated tanning sessions to get the desired darkness. You can choose how much tan you want on your skin and even stop the session mid-way if you have achieved the desired skin tone.

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