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Print and Frame Photos to Gift Them to Your Loved Ones

Photographs are like a portal that take you to your world of memories – the ones that you lived in the past with your loved ones. What can be more enticing that gifting those people with whom you lived those memories something like custom picture frames, so that they get to know how much it means to you?

To help you in this, Frames By Mail offers some amazing options. Right from print and frame services to canvas printing and whatnot. All you need to do is select your favorite photograph, along with the picture frame in which you want to cast it and these guys will do the rest for you. They will even deliver the picture right at your home within 7-10 business days.

To make things even more exciting, these guys are currently offering one of the biggest discount on their services that you can ever expect to get. You can visit their website to get a 50% discount on their service. Check it out here and see what you can get with these print and frame service experts.

And, there are no hidden terms to it. Just a few basic things that you need to take care of when placing your order:

  • Make sure the image is of high quality (Max size 40 MB, PPI 60 or above)
  • Make sure that it is in acceptable format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff and .gif.)

That’s pretty much it. There’s nothing more that you need to think of before availing their service.

You can even select multiple photographs and get collage picture frames as well, to make things larger than life.

What else can you ask for? Just visit the website, and select from a number of frame options as per your liking that includes metal picture frames, wooden ones and a lot more.


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