Practical tips for keeping your summerhouse in good condition

Summerhouse Maintenance

You can enjoy your summerhouse, log cabin or wooden gazebo for a very long time provided you regularly follow the recommended maintenance steps. With a few simple measures, you can keep your summerhouse in great condition and extend its lifetime. The following ideas will help you keep your summerhouse looking its very best.


Gravel for protection against water

A layer of gravel around your summerhouse protects the underneath of the house from splashes of rainwater. The timber stays dry and your summerhouse lasts longer.

Door hooks

We advise you to install door hooks immediately after assembly. A door hook prevents a door from suddenly blowing open. This prevents the door and glazing from being damaged by gusts of wind or other weather conditions.


You may not really have considered ventilation. But does your summerhouse have adequate ventilation? Ventilation prevents condensation on the inside of your summerhouse. This is why it’s important to install ventilation grates. For effective aeration, place one ventilation grate at the front and one opposite, on the back of the log cabin or summerhouse.

Most of the moisture comes up through the floor. For this reason, you are advised to install an internal floor. You can also choose to have your summerhouse or log cabin insulated.

Resistance of your summerhouse

Do you have unconventional plans for your summerhouse or log cabin, such as a roof terrace or a green roof? Or do you live in an area with extreme weather conditions such as heavy snowfall or wind? Then it is important to inform yourself about the resistance of the chosen garden construction before buying.

However, this does not guarantee that our products can withstand all weather conditions or special projects. Depending on the size of your summerhouse, its load-bearing capacity can vary. A smaller roof area for example can withstand more weight per square meter than a large one. The same principle applies to the wall surface.

Movement of the timber

A wooden summerhouse or log cabin expands or contracts depending on humidity levels. This is a normal feature of wood. Wood expands, but doesn’t get longer. Every plank expands by around 1.5 mm. Since every summerhouse is around 15 planks high, this amounts to a full expansion of around 2.25 cm (15 x 1.5 mm).

In order to shrink or expand, the wood needs a little room to move. Most problems are caused by nails and screws secured in the walls, windows and doors. These prevent the from moving. Quality summerhouses take into account wood movement, so if you haven’t yet purchased your structure this is something you will want to consider.

If you plant to install pipes or built-in furniture, this can also be effected by timber movement.

Treat your summerhouse immediately

In order to protect your summerhouse against the sun, wind and rain, we advise you to treat it both inside and out before the unit is assembled. It is also advisable that you further treat your wooden structure with a quality solution on an annual basis.


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