How to Plan a Work Holiday Celebration in 2021
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How to Plan a Work Holiday Celebration in 2021

Preparing for an office holiday party can be difficult. There’s a lot to consider – budget, format, timing, venue, food and drink options, and gifts. Here are some suggestions for planning a company holiday party that will be talked about for months.

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Make sure your gift budget will accommodate the party you are planning. Will it be a pot-luck, cocktail (open bar), sit-down dinner or maybe something else entirely? Planning the event will require more than just money – make sure there is time to pull everything together.

Event Management Company to Help with Holiday Party Planning

Do you have the time to plan a holiday party? Or would you prefer to hire an event management company for your holiday party planning needs. Not all parties are equal, so be sure you match the calibre of catering and entertainment with your coworkers and clients. Be sure to decide if the celebration will be hosted, or if it will be a holiday office party where attendees also provide food, drinks and decorations.


Once the date and venue is set, invitations should go out. This is a great opportunity for companies to indicate what type of gift employees should bring to the event. Will you need wrapping paper? Wrapping supplies? Plush ribbon? 

The more details given in the invitation, the less likely that guests will show up empty-handed. If an open bar is being offered as part of your corporate party planning – don’t forget to include a cash bar option or request that employees bring their own alcohol so company funds are not spent on alcohol provided by vendors at events. When making out invites keep personal feelings out of it – you don’t want to offend anyone.

Planning Considerations

Decide how the party will be structured and what time of day it will take place. Will a sit-down dinner be served, or if you prefer a buffet? A cocktail party hosted by a catering company may offer the flexibility needed to have an open bar without having too much alcohol around at one time. 

This could save money on security and bartenders because there will not be as many people in attendance And make sure that any event planning company you hire has plans for all sorts of weather scenarios! 

If snow is possible, make sure clear walkways are planned before the guests arrive. And have some plan for arranging alternative transportation to work for those who have drunk too much alcohol. Nobody wants to be stranded all night in a hotel lobby or airport because they couldn’t get on the road safely.

Decorations and Presents

Gift-giving etiquette can be confusing during office parties, so it is important that you discuss the expectation for presents at your party planning meeting with caterers or event management companies. If office holiday party attendees are expected to bring gifts – make sure there will be enough storage space available throughout the entire evening!

Another suggestion for companies providing gifts is to provide gift tags that explain what the present is. Your employees will thank you when they don’t have to guess whether it’s a candle or candy bar!

Music and Entertainment

When planning an office holiday party, entertainment can be a challenge if you do not have enough space in the venue. Will the entertainment be planned separately by your event management company, or will it be a part of the catered dinner?

Many office holiday party themes can be used for entertainment, such as sports trivia games and sports memorabilia on display. If you are planning sports-themed events – consider hiring sports celebrities to come out for Q & A sessions. You can also set up sports trivia games throughout the evening, and award sports memorabilia as prizes to some of the winners.


What kind of food will be served at your holiday party? Are you allowing guests to bring in holiday foods? Or do they need to stick to the menu provided by caterers or an event planning company? 

There will be a lot of food available at your office party, so make sure you have enough space for buffets and plates. If you are hiring caterers, coordinate with them on their food plan to ensure they account for all your guests. Consider the menu options carefully, as some people are allergic to specific foods or do not eat certain things. Also, check with your employees to make sure they have special diets that must be accommodated when ordering food for an office holiday party.

Game Ideas

Games can be a lot of fun at corporate events and sports-themed parties are no exception! So if you are planning sports-themed events, consider setting up sports trivia games throughout the party. You can ask sports celebrities to come out for sports-themed interviews, and award sports memorabilia as prizes for sports trivia winners.

Finally, make sure you have all your event planning details organized ahead of time so you are ready for a perfect event!

The end result is that people will be confident that you are organized and know what you are doing.

Choosing a sports-themed party theme for your corporate holiday party is a great way to get employees out of the office and let them take some time off before they head into the New Year!

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