Places To See In Ooty

Ooty is one of the serenest place that one can think of when they want a peaceful holiday. It is just perfect for a recluse and this beautiful destination helps one to regain their inner peace if they are too stressed out because of their regular draining routine.

Once one reaches this picturesque hills station they can plan out on the places that they want to visit. When it comes to Ooty sightseeing, these are the places that one must add to their list according to their preferences:

Pykara Falls and Pykara Lake

This is the name of a river and a village which is located about 15 kilometres away from the city of Ooty. There is a boat house in the Pykara reservoir which is considered to be an added attraction. One can relax and have good food at the restaurant and they can also go for a boat ride on the lake. The Pykara waterfalls fall through the Pykara, Murkuti and Glen Morgan Dams. If one wants they can also book the forest rest house there and go for an overnight stay to appreciate the beauty and stillness more.


One can go and visit the elephant feeding camp here where one can closely watch how they are fed. This is a protected area and the elephants that are kept there are for eco tourism and there is a constant patrol for anti poaching operations. Mudumalai national park has also been declared s the Tiger Reserve and it is the first wildlife sanctuary in southern part of India. If one goes for a forest tour they can get to see tigers, striped hyenas, leopards, sloth bears and Asian elephants. When it comes to birds, this place has a variety to offer. One can spot crested serpent eagle, Malabar grey hornbill, crested hawk eagle, Malabar Trojan and some more. The name ‘ Mudumalai’ means situated on the first hill and this is a tropical evergreen forest. One can take the early bus in the morning and reach there to do the jungle safari.

Tea estate view point

The Nilgiri region is always famous for its team estates and Ooty looks beautiful because it is surrounded by the tea plantation and the serene Ooty Lake. This is hence one of the most popular tourist attractions when one visits here. One can go for a peaceful walk to the tea gardens. The most popular garden here is of Glenmorgan’s which is one of the oldest tea estates here. Many hotels and cottages in Ooty are placed around these tea estates and so they are just walking distance from where one is staying.

Boat house

The Ooty Lake is very nearby to the Ooty bus stand and boating is one of the prime attractions in this location. One can go for row boats, paddle boats and motor boat rides here. One can also go and sit there to view the serene sunset by the lake.

One can check for the Ooty sightseeing packages once they reach there.


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