Personalised anniversary gift

Personalized Wooden Gifts To Celebrate Your Wood Anniversary!

Completing a marriage of five years is no easy job. With any couple, it’s the first major achievement so naturally, your 5th-year-anniversary gift has to be quite unique. Most particularly it’s got to be wood. How else would you mark the occasion of your Wood anniversary?

The 5th anniversary of the marriage is called wood anniversary for the uninitiated just like the 25th year is the silver anniversary and the 50th the gold. The quest for the ideal wooden gift to celebrate the 5th anniversary ends here. Chitrachaya is your one-stop, wooden, and personalized store for all items.

Celebrate this strength and stability of your relationship with Personalised anniversary gift for love from Chitrachaya.

Personalized wooden notebook

Bring your love down the memory lane to your early days. Engrave on our wooden notebooks a nice set of pictures of your bonding days. Let this personalized notebook remind everyone just how far you have gotten. Five years of marriage require a mix of empathy, compromise, and weathering storms. Take the time to honour your spouse with a personalized wooden gift by Chitrachaya on your 5th anniversary.

Personalized wooden nameplates for couples

Wood anniversary is an essential life-benchmark. You had moved in 5 years earlier with the love of your life in the love retreat you two call home. Decorate your house like a bride on your 5th anniversary to celebrate this important milestone with the best home accessories by Chitrachaya. Buy these personalised wooden nameplate for your spouse and your home, with your names engraved on it. Engrave the names and mark the years of marriage spent together. Such beautifully carved nameplate can be placed on your bedside desk or hung on your house door too.


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