Personalized wedding gifts

Personalised Wedding Gifts

The great Indian weddings are one of the most auspicious and celeberated occasions in the country.  The event holds a special value not just in the  eyes of the groom nad bride but the guests and families as well.


However, choosing and shopping for wedding gifts is one of the most difficult aspects and tasks you encounter. In the light of such difficulties, our team at Chitrachaya would like to introduce you to our exclusive, unique, wood based collection of personalised wedding gifts available at the most reasonable and budget friendly prices possible.


Nonetheless, why should you choose personalised wedding gifts? The answer is simple enough, and based on the ideology of personalised wedding gift being the way to their heart and soul, as the personal touch, effort and concern involved in creating such a present which adds a distinct and special quality, that can’t be explained in words, but however trumps any other tried and tested options you have.


One of the most important features of pride for our team at Chitrachaya us the uniqueness of every pice of beautiful wooden acricatures manufactured and sold Including wooden personalised wedding gifts.


Chitrachaya then uses exclusive and  proprietary technology for infusing the ink with wood, creating exemplary pieces. The difference in wood grain pattern and the peculiarity of the same ensures the exclusivity and originality in each print and engraving of every piece of personalised wedding gifts made and sold.


Our products encompass a wode variety and range from ‘story of my life’ and ‘this is us’ to ‘ You are my person’ and many more, aim at catering to the uniqueness of each new relationship which are the main underlying value of any wedding.


Check out a wider variety of our designs of personalised wedding gifts and much more-:  Personalised Wedding Gifts


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