Perfecting Your Rom-Com Movie Night with Friendspire

We will jump right into it and paint a picture for you – see if it seems familiar – Someone has an awful breakup. The person goes out there – wandering in the streets, going on with the daily life, thinking, “Am I ever going to find someone who understands and accepts me for who I am?” and then – bam – a gorgeous stranger appears out of nowhere and the protagonist finds love again. Or they turn to their side, see their goofy best friend hanging around and realize, “love was here all along!”. Sounds too good to be true but, rom-coms are loved and watched by almost everyone out there. Those who claim that they do not like romantic comedies probably watch them secretly in the night, on the weekends, with a huge tub of ice cream as their partner in crime ~ just guilty pleasure things. Romantic comedies are so hyped that now there are romantic comedies filmed with romantic comedies themselves as the theme – ‘isn’t it romantic?’

Go Classic or Go Trending?

There is no denying the fact that there are some classics that will probably never be replaced by anything else. You won’t disagree if you are a fan of these cute little love stories with spicy twists and some funny antics, along with some tasteful scheming before “Cher” realizes that she is the one for “Josh” and he is the one for her. Classics like Clueless, When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, or Bridget John’s Diary are just some of the few that every reviewer and online expert swears by.

In a genre where the list of trending flicks is mostly lined up with classics, it can be hard for the followers of “what’s new?” to find something that is fresh and worth their time. Although some romantic comedies have set their name in stone, new ones are surfacing that can be worth your time. Movies like Crazy Rich Asians, Isn’t It Romantic, P.S. I Still Love You, The Perfect Date, and Always Be My May Be are some of the top-grossing newcomers on box office and streaming platforms like Netflix. Oh, and did we mention that Legally Blonde 3 is out as well? Reese Weatherspoon is at it again – guilty pleasure alert!

Not-So-Slim Pickings – How to Choose?

One may think that having a lot of equally great options is an awesome thing, but when it comes to choosing one from these options, it becomes a real headache. Imagine trying to find a needle in a haystack – pretty scary, right? The more you search, the more you stumble upon interesting new options, which makes the decision-making process even more tangled up.

A Review of the Reviews

One of the top ways most people solve this problem is by going online. Online reviewing platforms have been a great help in deciding what should be your next movie to watch now that you are through with both parts of Mean Girls and Princess Diaries. The experts choose the greatest hits of all times from a certain genre and provide some recommendations for the viewers and readers to choose from. While looking through recommendation sites, blog posts, and articles, you’ll notice that they recommend the top-rated movies by the critics or by box office numbers. But would that guarantee the fact that you will like the recommended movies based on these factors, guess you have to?

Just because something seems to be the choice of the masses, it doesn’t mean that you or any other individual will like it as well. Personal preferences differ on many levels, and that may mean that you will go ahead and pick up blueberry-flavoured gelato when everyone else is going for the “special” strawberry. So, what the online reviewers are saying and suggesting on these platforms may be top-notch advice but still may not sit as well with your unique taste.

Let’s Get Personal

Finding great recommendations that match your taste and desires may seem like a longshot. After all, a person who has never met you in person cannot know your likes and dislikes. This is where Friendspire steps in – a free app that gets you recommendations from friends.

Friendspire-ing The Way Ahead

Friendspire is an iOS and Android app where you will find recommendations for movies and tv shows of any kind, from any genre – measured and rated by your friend circle, acquaintances, and family. A combined side-by-side representation of ratings from top reviewing websites and your friends offers both personal and professional insights in the movies you want to watch. You can’t be confident that the taste of a random online reviewer would match with yours, but you must know if your friends have the same taste as you. So, now that you are hitched with a personal reviewer of your own through Friendspire, you will never have to worry about which movie to watch for your upcoming movie night – you will finally find love (or at least watch people find it)!

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