Backpacks for Men

Outfits That Are Incomplete Without A Backpack

Born in the late 19th century as Henry Merriam’s ‘Knapsack’, modern day Backpacks have come a long way from their metal-laden predecessors. From a bare necessity for moving goods from one point to another, they have become a statement accessory and a wardrobe staple for the 21st century cool crowd.

Owing to their versatility, Backpacks for Men or Women have been a consistent part of the fashion scene across regions and subcultures. From carrying your notebooks for the next lecture to bringing your laptop to the next meeting, their style and utility quotient is as high as ever. The utilitarian angle also makes them better suited for different occasions while complimenting most streetwear outfits. Let’s take a look at a few ensembles that just won’t be the same without the Backpack:

  1. Back To School/College Look

Think Backpack, think students! You were probably introduced to the Backpack at an early elementary school age like the rest of us. Ever since then it has been a way for you to add a taste of your personal style to your look. Style a T-shirt and Ripped Jeans with a Statement Backpack and you won’t have to compromise on the comfort of your outfit while catching eyeballs from onlookers. Be the centre of attention effortlessly in your college or school gang.

  1. The Travel OOTD

Going on a hike for a couple days? Don’t forget to pack all your belongings in a Backpack. It is easily the most utilitarian type of Bag that will be the perfect partner to your Oversized Sweatshirt and Neon Accent Sneakers.

  1. Office Chic

Ditch the handbag and opt to go hands free as you dress up for your daily hustle. A patent leather or suede Backpack will be the perfectly polished accent to your Blazer and Cigarette Pants. It will easily carry your laptop and other office essentials in a suave manner.

  1. Concert Ready

From a Rock Concerts to a Boho Fest, there is nothing that a Backpack cannot see you through. So take out your favourite Boots and Fringed Jacket and pair them with a Backpack. Nothing can stop you from ‘throwing your hands up in the air’ now!

  1. Vacay Vibes

Whether going monument-hopping or lounging at a quaint B&B, a Backpack will be the best companion for you in such scenarios. The perfect addition to your Sun Hat and Striped Tees look, it will carry the water bottle and sunscreen for you as well.

  1. Basic Athleisure

If you’re the person running from his/her arts class to dance class and some more all day, you and a Backpack are made for each other. Style it with your Summer Bombers and Joggers and stay hands free while commuting all over the city.

So go on and experiment with Backpacks for your OOTDs/OOTNs. If you don’t have a Backpack yet, then get one from right now. We’ve got small ones that can carry your knick-knacks to ones that can fit your laptop. From Superheroes and characters to cool graphics and sassy quotes, there’s something for everyone.

Start browsing then. Stay stylish! Stay cool!


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