Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

One of The Historical Human Addictions; Alcohol Addiction

The alcohol has been a part of the human lives since ancient times when the naturally made alcohol was usually used to celebrate the occasion in the royal kingdoms. By that time, the alcohol started to be consumed by the general public as well. However, there are people who have started consuming alcohol on a daily basis and become alcohol addicts. Despite the universal cognizance for the bad effects of the excessive consumption of alcohol, a large section of the society is failing to keep themselves away from this bad habit.

However, there were people who believe that the bad habit of alcohol consumption is adversely affecting their lives in one way or the other, and they want to quit the habit of alcohol consumption. For such people, the opening of the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai has been considered as the boon for such people that assist them in relieving them from alcohol consumption. However, some experts believe that the normal consumption of alcohol is not harmful as compared to the excessive intake of alcohol on a daily basis.

Alcohol rehabilitation program

It is a true fact that every individual needs special care while having alcohol treatment in the rehab centre. The conditions may vary from the moderate to the severe, depending upon the number of symptoms that the patients have. After the alcohol withdrawal, some people face alcohol withdrawal symptoms that could be serious or dangerous to be handled with. If the person encounters such symptoms then the detoxification comes into the play.

The detoxification is often the first step in the treatment process for the people who are dependent on alcohol.

The commonly encountered alcohol symptoms are:

  • Depression

The depression is the state of mind that restricts the person to perform the daily basic tasks efficiently. The person more often gets indulged in the overthinking as well when suffering from depression. The depression is often a feeling of sadness, anger or loss that affects the daily life of the individuals.

  • Hallucinations

Hallucinations are something when the person who is highly drunk sees, hears, smells or tastes the things that merely exist inside their mind but is not actually present in real life. These situations usually occur after the excessive consumption of alcohol. People could feel nervous, frightened or paranoid while having such hallucinations.

  • Shakiness

The problem of shaking in the body parts is associated with the excessive consumption of alcohol. People generally feel unusual shaking in their hands. According to the experts, the tremors are a main cause of the problems occurred in the brain that controls the movements in the body parts. Also, the neurological problems could be a reason for this shakiness, however, the metabolic issues and the toxins present in the human body that affects the nervous system and the brain could also be the prime reason for the tremors in the victim’s body. Well, there are several daily routine measures suggested by the experts, such as drinking plenty of water and performing exercises, to minimize the shakiness issues in the body.


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