New Zealand changes entry rules: the visa will be online

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, some news awaits you: to enter the country there are now new rules, and it is necessary to follow an online procedure.
New Zealand – a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, especially those who prefer adventure tourism and contact with nature – has in fact decided to introduce the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority), which travelers will be required to fill in 60 countries.

This is a procedure that many nations have already adopted: just think of the ESTA, which is necessary to enter the United States, and with which the ETA has numerous similarities.

The new measure will come into effect from October 2019, and is designed to increase the level of security, to reduce the risk of smuggling and to improve the experience of foreign visitors entering the country. This is a necessity that follows the exponential number of tourists who choose to treat themselves to a trip to New Zealand every year, and the fact that – many of them – come from countries for which, until now, there was no Visa.

The entire procedure will take place online: travelers (including cruise ship passengers) must register on the dedicated website and enter their name and surname, date of birth, passport details, their contacts, some declarations such as the purpose of the trip and any criminal records and biometric information (you will also have to upload a photo of your passport). Valid visa for two years, the ETA will have a cost that – although not yet defined in detail – will be between 9 and 12.50 dollars per person.

By introducing this new procedure, and this new tourist tax, New Zealand intends to reduce the risks of immigration and threats to bio-security.

It intends to protect itself, but also to support tourism infrastructure. And give everyone the chance to explore an extraordinary place, with its islands in the Pacific and extraordinary nature. The same nature that inspired legendary sagas like “The Lord of the Rings”, shot on the spectacular Mount Victoria (near Wellington), Fiordland and Southern Lakes, on the South Island. Places to defend, to preserve, to protect. Even with the control of entry into the country.


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