Must-Visit Filipino Restaurants In Dubai For Foodies

Have you experienced the comfort derived from Pinoy food? It is truly unparalleled. In Filipino cuisine, there are many Spanish-influenced dishes, rice, and meat delicacies combined with various sauces that are popularized by the Filipinos. From Pancit to Kwek-Kwek, and Chicken Adobo, some Filipino restaurants in Dubai that are a must-visit.

So here is a list of the best Filipino restaurants in Dubai that serve the most unique and delicious Filipino dishes.

  • La Mesa: Literally meaning ‘table’ in the Filipino language, this place is like a festive experience. There are various ala carte options to choose from, but the winner is the Filipino ‘Boodle Fight’. Boodle fights are a brilliant example of Filipino solidarity and comradeship, as it is a meal that is served on banana leaves and everyone is supposed to just dig in.
  • Hot Palayok: This Filipino restaurant in Dubai is located in Karama and serves some of the best Pan-Asian and Filipino dishes. You can see the food being prepared right in front of you. You can also opt for the huge buffet or savor the street food style segment where you could pick any food item and they would grill it for you. If you are craving for mains, sushi, even then this place is the best bet.
  • Dampa Seafood Grill:  A ‘Dampa’ is a place in the Philippines where one could go to try out grilled seafood that is caught fresh from the sea. This Filipino restaurant in Dubai follows that model with its seafood-oriented menu. It also enhances the authenticity by encouraging you to eat with your hands.
  • Max’s Restaurant: This is another franchise from the Philippines, which is popular for its signature fried chicken served with rice and gravy. The Karama branch in Dubai is known for its traditional menu items and is a great place for people who want to explore Filipino cuisine.
  • Cabalen Snacks: If you haven’t visited the Al Attar Centre in Karama, you would miss this small Filipino restaurant in Dubai which offers amazing combo meals like rice and two meat dishes and a soup for only Dh14. The Papaitan soup in this joint is not to be missed.
  • Manila Grill: If you want to try some authentic Pinoy dishes, you must visit the Manila Grill. This one is located at the Asiana hotel and is famous for the ambiance and the sumptuous Filipino dishes. What’s more? There are live performances to keep you entertained while enjoying your delicious dinner.
  • Carinderia ni Tandang Sora: When you reach this restaurant, you will feel as if you have stepped inside a museum. Even its quirky menu is loaded with historical facts about the Philippines. Not only would you get to eat good Filipino food, but you will also learn a lot about the country; isn’t it great to stimulate your mind too along with the taste buds?
  • Paluto: If you fancy fresh seafood, then you must head to Paluto for a unique dining experience. Situated at the Waterfront Market in Deira, this Filipino restaurant in Dubai invites the guests to procure their own seafood from the adjoining market, which is then cooked for you in the way you wish – you can opt for fried, grilled, or served with soup.

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