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Movie Rulz Features and Benefits: Best Website for Tamil and Telugu Movies

Tamil & Telugu movies industry has seen huge popularity over the past few years with blockbuster movie releases like Bahubali and KGF. 

With the rapid increase in the audience base for these movies, people are looking for websites that they can use to stream or download these movies. 

Although there are many sites out there that you can use for downloading Tami & Telugu movies, one of these websites has really distinguished itself from the others. It is none other than Movie rulz

Let’s dig in a little deeper and see what this Tami & Telugu movie download and the streaming website is all about

Movie Rulz Overview

Movie rulz is a free website for downloading Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. It also has a huge collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, but Tami & Telugu movies are the speciality of this site. This site allows you to stream as well as download the content of your choice. 

The user interface of this website is simple and quite self-explanatory. So, we don’t need to go into the details of that. The biggest benefit of this site is the user experience that you get here. The website loads up really fast and it doesn’t have annoying ads to interrupt you after every second.  

Movie Rulz Features & Benefits 

Let’s briefly go through some of the best features & benefits that Movie rulz has to offer  


  • Huge Collection of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Movies


Movie rulz features a comprehensive collection of Tami & Telugu movies and the number of movies that you can download from here really is unparalleled. On this site, you have well-organized categories for Tami, Telugu Malayalam movies which you can go through to choose the movies that you want to watch. With its huge collection of movies, you won’t have to loo anywhere else. You can find all the content of your choice right here on this website. 

On top of that, it also has all the latest releases for Hollywood movies which makes things even better for you. This site would be your only stop for downloading all the movies of your choice.  


  • Movies Download Option 


The biggest benefit that this site has to offer is, you can download the movies on your PC to watch them later on, whenever you want to. To download the movies, you are going to need a torrent client installed on your PC or mobile phone. Utorrent should work just fine. Once you have installed the torrent client software, you can download the torrent for your favorite movies on this site and you should be good to go.  


  • Multiple Streaming Channels 


At Movie rulz, you can even stream your favorite shows. This is one of the very few sites that offers you both the movies streaming and download features. You can simply just choose the movie that you want to watch, and on that movie’s page, you’d see multiple streaming channels that you can choose from. If one channel doesn’t work for you, you can simply just go on to the next one and continue streaming.  


  • User Interface is Awesome


The user interface of this site is amazing. It looks a bit simple and kind of basic at first glance but once you explore this website, you’d see that it is kept this way on purpose. The user interface promotes user experience on this site. It makes it easier for you to search for and download the movies that you want to watch. 


  • No On-Site Ads 


Although this is a free website, you still won’t find any kind of ads on it. Yes, it is true! Although this website does have automatic redirects but that only happen when you click on a movie poster. Other than that, there are no ads here at all. This is one of the reasons why we highly recommend this website for you. 


  • It is Free


Last but not the least, Movie rulz is a free website that doesn’t ask you for any kind of registration or sign up fees. You can visit this site and simply just use it to download or stream the movies of your choice. You can find more similar platforms at WPE PRO. All in all, it is a great website for Tami & Telugu movies that you can check out online in 2020. 

Final Words about Movie rulz

Movie rulz offers you a great way of downloading and streaming Tami & Telugu movies of your choice. You can either use the torrent download option to download the movies, or you can choose from multiple streaming channels to watch the movies in HD quality. The choice is yours. Make sure to check out this too-rated torrent website for downloading or streaming Tami, Telugu and Malayalam movies online.  


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