Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Firewood

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Firewood

If you find yourself drenched in the holiday mood and have a fireplace in your living space, and you’re aching to use it, know that you shouldn’t ever gravitate towards the priciest of firewoods. On the other hand, nor should one find themselves grasping the idea of buying firewood from the aisle at the supermarket, looking for the cheapest firewood in Sydney. 

Instead, you should look for cheap firewood in Sydney that you can get at the best store offering firewood for sale near me at the right store for you. Here are some tips that will help you find the perfect ironbark firewood in Sydney or the right firewood for sale near me. 

Earlier, of course, firewood was always used to burn indoors, but because of various limitations being pardoned and softened, we are able to use firewood outdoors for pizza ovens, fire pits and even bonfires. This gives firewood a year-round sale, which is all the more reason to buy firewood for sale near me. 

What Type of Wood Must You Buy? 

It is best to get a mix of two different kinds of firewood – softwood and hardwood. This is because although softwood catches fire at a quicker rate and burns much hotter, hardwood tends to sustain a flame much longer than anticipated. 

Therefore, you should much rather include fir, cedar, spruce or redwood as a softwood variant and choose birch, rock elm or oak as a hardwood variant. You could also use variants of other delicious smelling woods for cooking purposes. 

How Much Should You Buy This Season or Rather any Season? 

While most people do not have the room to stock up and burn the entire cord of wood purchased, firewood providers do permit the sale of half-cords or even quarter-cords. Typically, half-cord will fill up the back of a pickup, and just that should be enough to share with your next-door neighbour. 

In fact, if you do not own a pickup, you can get the firewood providers to deliver it to your space. Sometimes, during the peak holiday season, some providers even deliver them for free. 

Forgetting Seasoning

Don’t just base the purchase of firewood on the ideal pricing situation, but instead also look at the seasoning aspect. It’s important to note that you can’t just burn any wood. Some wood will surely leave some deposits in the chimney. Some wood needs about a year’s time of preparation for seasoning before it can be used as a fuel, and meanwhile, it also needs to be stored in the right place and way. So, if you buy under-seasoned firewood, you’ll need to wait out for a while and also need to find a place for storage. Instead of all this hassle, buy cheap firewood in Sydney that is well-seasoned. 

Apart from these, two factors ensure that saving money and storage need to be considered before you go about stocking up for the coming years worth of firewood. 


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