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What is the Minimum Time for Unsecured Business Loan Approval in India?

During these challenging times, running a small business is tough. SMEs and start-ups are struggling hard to cut down on their operating cost. However, cash-flow is essential for the procurement of raw materials and running day-to-day operations. Therefore, small businesses are necessitated to take business loans from companies operating in the financial service sector. While there are countless financial companies in India, approval of unsecured loans usually takes 7-10 working days. It majorly impacts the daily operations of the firms. At OfBusiness, we understand the difficulties in running day-to-day operations without adequate working capital finance. Therefore, we approve an unsecured business loan up to two crores in three days. Isn’t that surprising? Well, it is, in fact, true.

In this article, let’s understand more about the unsecured business loan and the time for getting it processed in India. 

All You Need to Know About Unsecured Business Loan in India 

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We agree that many financial companies in India are providing unsecured loans for small and medium-sized enterprises. But the main issue is that the amount approved without collateral is very low. It becomes most challenging for small businesses to meet their needs with insufficient credits. OfBusiness offers unsecured business loans up to two crores. We do not want small businesses to stay behind their key competitors owing to financial hurdles.  

Now, let’s understand the average time required to get an unsecured business loan approved in India. Three out of five finance companies take 7-10 working days for processing the loan.

At OfBusiness, we don’t wish to make you wait longer for getting the loan approved. So, the complete process is done online, and the amount is credited to the client’s account within three days. 

The amount of credit varies from one client to another. Small businesses can upload the required documents online and check the available credit. We only charge interest for the amount you use. And, the best part is that OfBusiness offers unsecured loans at the lowest interest rate.  

Get Loan Disbursed in 3 Days with OfBusiness 

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With the online application and instant disbursal, our entire process is hassle-free. Quick loan disbursal to SMEs is one of our key USPs. And, businesses can easily make the repayment online in seconds. We don’t take any collateral from you. We verify your details and check the repayment capability while providing the loan. Therefore, ensure to keep the required documents ready and apply today itself

Many small owners and new entrepreneurs stay away from the unsecured business loan as the high-interest rate often turns into a giant trap. But you can be assured of the interest rate charged by us. You’ve got the full power to select the tenure based on your repayment capability. Like other finance companies, we don’t have any hidden costs. We have kept our process transparent. 

Enjoy the Hassle-Free Process 

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Check your credit limit and get the loan credited to your bank account quickly. Initially, check the credit you’re eligible for. Secondly, choose the amount you need and select the repayment tenure. Thirdly, upload the documents, and get the amount in your bank account. Be ready with your identity proof, address proof, ownership forms, and bank statements. By verifying your documents, we decide your credit limit.  

Run your operations smoothly with the business loans. Avoid depending on other individuals regarding business finance. Withdraw the amount you require for operating your business and pay as per your chosen tenure. Over the past years, we’ve been helping SMEs and start-ups by providing an unsecured business loan.

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